Friday, July 28, 2006

He sewed his eyes shut because he is afraid to see, he tries to tell me what I put inside of me. He's got the answers to ease my curiosity,he dreamed up a god and called it Christianity. Your god is dead and no one cares, if there is a hell, I will see you there. He flexed his muscles to keep his flock of sheep in line, he made a virus that would kill off all the swine. His perfect kingdom of killing, suffering and pain demands devotion, atrocities done in his name. Your god is dead and no one cares, drowning in his own hypocrisy. And if there is a hell I will see you there, burning with your god in humility. Will you die for this?
- Nine Inch Nails
I received the following reader comment on the post titled "Bill O'Reilly Can Suck Me." The commentee asked that we "left wing bloggers" respond so respond I shall. Here's the text of the comment:
Alex said...
Just a question for the left-wing bloggers out there (simply because I'm curious):What do you think of 'values?'You know, those cardinal virtues that everyone believes they have. What about religion? What do you think of religion as a whole, not just Christianity, Islam, etc. Should this country have a non-religious moral code, or for that matter, no moral code at all? Thanks, and I hope some of you respond.
So you wish to know how we "left wingers" can have any "values" or "morals" if "WE" don't believe in religion? (and you're assuming that ALL left wingers or anyone who doesn't fall in step with you and this current government are non-religious, which is wrong.) The answer to your question is quite simple. Too simple in fact. I don't do certain things cuz I'm not an ignorant asshole and I respect other people and their shit. And I also tend to follow the current laws (whether I tend to agree with them or not. Prime example, the marijuana laws, and no I'm not a drug addict) so I won't land myself in jail, a place I have no desire to ever see. I have my own moral code which I follow which is basically "would I want this done to me?" It's simple. I don't have to go to a church or a synagogue or a mosque and have threats of eternal damnation shoved down my throat in order to know how to act.
Do I kill people? No. Why not since I don't believe in religion? Cuz I wouldn't want someone killing me and cuz I don't think its MY RIGHT to kill someone. Not cuz some book says its not right, but because I SAY its not my right. People who kill indiscriminately were born without conscience. The regular person would be eaten alive by guilt if they were to kill another person. Their conscience would eventually drive them crazy. In other words they would "feel bad" about what they did and they would drive themselves nuts dwelling on it all the time. The stone cold killer, devoid of a conscience, is not bothered by such petty thoughts. They kill and they go about their business. Like I put air in my tires and go on with my life they kill someone and get on with it. It has nothing to do with someone being "inherently evil" or "possessed" or some shit like that. Stone cold killers were born without a conscience.
That's what makes me laugh about the religious right. Everything's gotta be about evil or non-evil. That's such a simplistic way to summarize the human condition. A convenient way to ignore the religious rights number one enemy: SCIENCE. Do you know how many chemical processes go into forming a human being? One chemical is slightly off and you're born with three arms or the heart on the wrong side of your chest, one eye or spina bifida. A DNA strand if facing right instead of left and you're born retarded or with some horrible genetic disorder. So if that's so acceptable and believable then why is it so hard to believe that people can be born without a conscience? (or GAY for that matter.) They're missing a chemical or maybe they have too much or one chemical or too little of another. But its much easier for the religious types to write it off as good or evil, right or wrong. It helps their cause. Gives their views a boost. Someone's a killer? They're possessed by the devil. Simple. Black or white. Good or evil. Requires no thought. All the thinking is already done for them.
Do I steal? No. Why not? Not cuz JESUS told me not to. I don't steal cuz it's not my shit to steal. Would I care if someone stole my fucking car, robbed my house or went into my purse and took all my credit cards? You're goddamn right I'd be mad. I worked for that shit and it's my shit to do with as I please. Never do I recall putting someone else's name on it to use. Once again it has nothing to do with what the BIBLE says (who cares.) I decide what I should do and what I shouldn't do based on my my OWN CODE and by how my parents raised me (and my parents never mentioned religion to me ONCE when I was growing up. It was MY choice to decide and I therefore wasn't indoctrinated into the cult from the second I came out the birth canal.) I do not need a list of "Commandments" nor a belief in a spaghetti monster in the sky keeping tabs on me in order to know what is right and what is wrong. Those who do are unable to think for themselves and I'll even go so far as to argue that those are the dangerous people. If you need to constantly be reasussured that what you're doing is right, that what you're doing (or not doing for that matter) fits into the will and desire of a GOD then you are a weak individual who is unable to make decisions for yourself and requires constant reassurance from an entity whose existence can never be proven. You are basing your entire life, judging other people, and making decisions about other peoples lives based on a book that not EVERYONE in the world believes in, that cannot be proven and that has no verifiable author. And best yet, you pick and choose WHAT parts of that book you will choose to follow or not follow depending on what's best for you.
So as for "what do I think about religion" the answer is quite simple. I think it's the most dangerous thing human beings have ever created. More dangerous than gunpowder, crack cocaine or nuclear weapons. How many people have been killed in the name of religion over the years? As a result of the constant strife between one religlion or another? My spaghetti monster is better than your spaghetti monster, so die motherfucker. It's absurd, it's childish and it's DANGEROUS. If I had MY way, religion would be outlawed. It's simply too dangerous. Like street gangs, always at each others throats cuz one wore the wrong color or painted over another gangs graffiti. Would you be opposed the outlawing of street gangs. I doubt it. Religion is, more or less, society sanctioning street gangs. They wear their "colors," they have their own "signs" they throw up to let the other "gangs" know what side they're on, they believe their "gang" to be the only gang that should exist on the planet and they will go to any extreme to drive any opposing gangs out of "their" territory. Sound familiar?
I believe that initially religion was a guide for how primitive people should live their lives. Before there was law enforcement in society how better to control a primitive population, who knew nothing of science, then to scare the shit out of them with threats of hell and eternal punishment? These were people who looked to the sky during a thunder storm and believed the gods were angry at them. Who thought disesases and droughts were punishments from GOD. And yet today, with all the scientific advances we have made (and which you, yourself, utilize if it's beneficial to YOU) you STILL rely on this book written by a primitive society to guide not ONLY your life but MY life and others lives as well. It's infuriating. You have every right to believe in any religion you want, but you DON'T have every right to shove that religion down MY throat nor the throat of any other individual on the planet. I think University of Texas has the best football team. Do you disagree? If so, do you wanna see me convert to YOUR favorite football team? Do you wanna make me start wearing YOUR favorite teams colors everyday? And if I DON'T root for you're team, am I somehow inferior and deserve to have my opinions silenced? Think that's crazy? So is religion.
Any other "liberal bloggers," or just plain "liberals" for that matter, who wish to similarly comment please do so, all comments will be posted.