Tuesday, June 06, 2006

One life to live it's so hard to be positive, when niggas shootin at your crib.
- Tupac Shakur
Sorry that I have neglected to write in the last few weeks but shit's been a little crazy. I got a new job in downtown Killadelphia and must leave at the ass crack of dawn to make it there. It takes even LONGER getting out of the city at the end of the day so I often don't get home til its time for bed. But the job pays more than twice what I was making before (imagine that? A left wing radical making a decent salary....what's wrong with this world) so I couldn't really turn it down. I have been too exhausted at the end of the day to write and on the weekends all I've been doing is sleeping. So I apologize to anyone who thought I had thrown in the towel or had been carted off to Guantanamo.
Too much has been going on with the American Nazi Party for me to talk about it in this post. I must leave for work in a mere 15 minutes and I haven't even struggled into my bullet proof vest yet. Ah yes, I forget, you guys aren't familiar with the goings on in my glorious hometown of Killadelphia, Pa.
This city has lost its mind. The murder rate when I LAST checked was at a whopping 145 since January 1st. ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY FIVE. Can you imagine? It's like the wild fucking west around here. They'll shoot ya for looking crossed eyed at the floor. EVERYONE is packin heat and quick on the draw. It's insane. A cop was shot in the head about 3 weeks ago trying to stop an armed (what else) hold up at a bar. That shut down large portions of the city for DAYS as they searched for that genius. I believe they eventually caught the idiot that did it, although keeping up with which suspect goes with which murder is difficult these days.
A favorite thing to do for the armed gangs of assholes around here is to get into a multiple shot-fired shoot out in the most obvious place - in front of an elementary school (makes sense, right?) so some poor kid is always catching a bullet in the head as he exits school. Then it's big news until the next day, when it happens again. And I'm not talking 3 or 4 shots. I'm talking these cats are unloading an entire clip, refucking loading, and continuing to fire. Even the rapper Beanie Sigel got shot the other day (not as if that's really surprising, but I thought I'd mention it for name recognition.) That made news for about 5 minutes until someone else got it.
So I have to drive through one of these "Ok Corral" areas on my way to center city and the skyscraper in which I pretty much waste 8 hours a day for a very nice salary. I sit as low in the carseat as possible, minimizing my profile and giving the insurgents less of a target when they start blasting. The whole area (well, at least this street) is bathed with signs strung across the streets screaming "STOP THE VIOLENCE" or posted on church lawns that declare "STOP THE MURDER" etc etc. It's not working. Just the other day on my way home from work I heard multiple gunshots coming from the south. People started scurrying in all directions. The more experienced just stepped back into a building doorway and continue their conversations. I hit the accelerator and got the fuck outta Dodge.
Is this any way for an American citizen to live? Just cuz you're poor doesn't mean you're a scum bag and deserves to live in fear and under the constant threat of murder. Maybe the shooters should be rounded up and sent to Iraq where they can take out their weapons fantasy in a war zone. I'm betting these "street gangsters" would shit their fucking pants if they were put into a combat situation. These guys are tough when they're the only ones armed. Put them up against some REAL insurgents who DO NOT GIVE A FUCK and we'll see how "gangster" they are.
Well I must depart for my treacherous trip into no mans land. I'm strapping on my bullet proof vest as we speak and affixing my teflon helmet to my head. Wish me luck. I will write more later this week. Til then.