Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Ya'll ain't shit, and none of your peoples are shit

- Outerspace

Well it seems my friend I left in charge of moderating comments to this blog had a momentary lapse of reason and allowed some Reich-wing comments to "slip through" while I was indisposed at work. She even went so far as to answer some of them in a vain attempt to "reason" with them. This, I informed her, is a VI-O-LA-TION. I do not care what the reich has to say. They are beyond reason, brainwashed and ignorant. But being the good friend that I am, I have allowed her one final chance to redeem herself. If I catch her messing up and attemtping to reason with fools again, she's done. Eviscerated and tossed from the confines of the bunker. She knows better, I'm sure of it.

So once again, I will REMIND the reich-wingers who, for some unknown reason, read a blog in which they loath and believe written by a liberal pussy who wants to see both America AND Christianity destroyed, to not bother wasting their time NOR mine by attempting to post comments on this blog. Such comments will be neither read NOR posted. I'm sure you guys have something better to do with your time and I'm QUITE sure you can find a blog that's more in tune with your ideology..

** In case you're interested, I updated the post on the Revolutionary Soldier and added a pic of his gravesite. I went to the park today after work to walk the dogs and I hiked up the hill and took the picture with my cameraphone. Sorry the resolution isn't great, but I'm cheap and purchased a cheap cellphone.