Monday, April 17, 2006


This fantastic piece of PhotoShopping is compliments of Craig. Notice the bold Nazi pin affixed to Ruth's lapel and the multi-swastika charm necklace. And holding fast to Ruth's insane christo-fascist beliefs, Craig has added a charcoal swastika to her forehead, a-la Charles Manson. This is prescisely what Ruth Malhotra looks like behind the facade of "Christian Acceptance." When the makeup is stripped away, the cameras are turned off and the curtains pulled back, Ruth Malhotra is nothing more than a Nazi. I hope this is a title she carries proudly, for she has earned it.

This next PhotoShopping feat was brought to us by Aaron. Aaron stuck to the simple AUTHENTIC Nazi Party pin to demonstrate Ruth's hidden agenda. Actually, it's not hidden at all. Anyone who goes to court to PURPOSELY allow them to harass and stalk people with whom they morally disagree (in the name of GOD ALMIGHTY) is an all out NAZI and, quite frankly, INSANE. It's true that many Nazi Party members stuck with the simple "Party Pin" when appearing in public. All the regalia and swagger wasn't really necessary after the Nazi's took over power in the 1930's. The simple decoration of the "party pin" sufficed in the cirlces they traveled in where everyone else WAS a Nazi, like Ruth and her putrid band of Christo-fanatic followers.