Friday, April 07, 2006


What is it gonna take for these criminals to be thrown out of power?!!? Delay dropped out of the Texas race because he's going to jail (GOOD!) and Bu$h should be the next to be imprisoned. Yesterday we learned that Bu$h was looking for HIMSELF this whole time he was searching for the "leaker" in the White House CIA leak investigation. IMAGINE THAT!!! ANOTHER time Bu$h lied to us. How many more freebies does this criminal get before we drag him out of OUR house and revert to citizen justice? Apparently, that day will never come.

I have given up on my fellow Americans. We are dead. I have lost the desire to write this blog anymore. Is it even worth it, aside from allowing me a place to vent? All of the bitching and discovering of criminal activity is apparently worthless. Merely something to entertain us along our road to ruin. Americans are a lazy, uninformed bunch of jokers who allow themselves to be fooled by the dumbest people in our country. And they do it so BLATANTLY. Right in front of your face and then TELL YOU they are doing it. And what do you do? Do you feign outrage? No. Do you demand the impeachment of this criminal president? NO. You turn in to Faux News and immediately suck up all the lies and spin they regurgitate in your face (does it burn when it gets in your eye? I hear it does.) What a sorry bunch of people. I'm embarrassed to call myself an American. Go on supporting these criminals. And when they come for your son or daughter to fight in the next disaster they embroil us in, I don't want to hear a peep out of you. Not ONE. Don't look to me to stand up for you. You republican lunatics are on your own from this point forward.

I hope they DO come get your kids, in fact I cannot wait for that day. To see all you saps crying and screaming in protest when its YOUR time to ante up will bring a joy to my heart. I won't open my mouth and utter one word in your defense. In fact, I'll stock up an popcorn and watch you asshole braindead zombies pass out in horror from the thought of actually putting your money where your mouth is. It's all good when it's someone ELSE who is suffering at the existence of these animals in our government. Will you adorn your car with a yellow magnet to support YOUR child? Will that be deemed enough support when YOUR child is being sent to the slaughter? Oh, and while your precious little boy is marching off to fight in the next godforsaken shithole this maniac decides to invade, remember this could have ALL been prevented if you had simply pulled your FUCKING HEADS OUTTA YOUR ASSES and acted. But no, you chose to suck at the teat of this monster and spit vitriol in the faces of those who SAW this man for what he really is. Well, the time is coming where the baby will have to wean itself from its foul mother and fend for itself. Good luck, assholes. And just remember, I can't WAIT.