Monday, April 24, 2006

(as if that's needed)

Now I'm a believer! Not a trace of doubt in my mind

- Monkees

Still having trouble believeing the sacks of shit that have entrenched themselves in the White House lied to us in order to gain your unwavering support for an invasion of Iraq? Then I ask that you watch the latest piece on CBS's "60 Minutes" where Ed Bradley explains to us exactly HOW our worthless, criminal government blatantly, flat out fucking MADE SHIT UP about Iraq and their purported purchase of yellow cake uranium from Niger. If you missed Sunday's show, here is the link to the website so you can watch the viedo for yourself. Enjoy. And please fasten your head securely to your shoulders with industrial strength duct tape before viewing and have a vomit bucket within spewing distance.

After watching the show last night on CBS I went temporarily insane (again) grabbed my gat and took to the streets where I proceeded to shoot out all 'W04' stickers from the backs of car windows and I licked off a coupla shots at the gas station price board (now proclaiming $3.22 for REGULAR) for good measure.

Who's going to the anti-war march this Saturday (April 29th) in New York City? I hope that as many of you who can possibly make it DO attend. The website for the march is