Wednesday, April 26, 2006

How could the Serpent be purposely put in charge of the country?
- Immortal Technique
When I was a kid I remember going through this phase of being afraid of the Soviet Union. I distinctly remember sitting in my room (in the 80's) and worrying that they would fire nuclear weapons at us and kill everyone in America. My mom explained to me the concept of MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction. She said the Soviets wouldn't be so stupid as to start a nuclear war because they would just as surely be wiped out in the ensuing counterstrike. And I remember her telling me that ALTHOUGH Ronald Reagan was an "asshole" he was not stupid enough to destroy the country in which he, too, had to live. Bu$h, apparently, IS that stupid.
Fast forward 20 years or so. Never in my life did I think that it would be MY COUNTRY, the United States of America, to whom I stood every morning for 13 years and pledged ALLEGIANCE to, that would ever again nuke another country FIRST. Never. I knew about Hiroshima and Nagasaki but this was in the past for me. The distant past. And with the resulting arms race that occured during the Cold War, I never believed such a strike would ever again be necessary. Not once did it occur to me that WE, the GOOD GUYS, the bastion of freedom and goodwill around the world, that WE would EVER nuke another country. I was wrong.
Now I can't stop thinking about it. It seems inconceivable to me that my country is actually pursuing plans on dropping NUCLEAR WEAPONS on a country that has neither attacked us, threatened to attack us or posess a nuclear weapon themselves. I just can't wrap my mind around this possibility. It's simply beyond comprehension for me. It's insanity.
Anyone who thinks this is a good idea, that we should "turn Iran to glass" or some other chest-thumping, "arm chair general" statement, has no clue. Not one. You have no idea what a nuclear strike will do in Iran AND throughout the Middle East and what the reprocussions back here in your mighty homeland will be. If you think it'll be all shits and giggles and you'll get to see pretty mushroom cloud explosions that you can masturbate to, you're insane. And your childish joy and masturbation session will be short lived. Do you, now think HARD about this question, do you think FOR ONE SECOND that NOTHING catastrophic would occur here in America after such a strike? Do you care? Or are you simply so fucking uneducated and dimwitted that you truly don't think beyond that first mushroom cloud? I hear these people on reich-wing talk radio. The tough talkers. "Why have em if you ain't gonna use em" is a phrase I've heard a FEW times. Are these people incapable of thinking more than 5 minutes ahead? Like a stupid teenager who thinks it's a good idea to burn down an empty building, but never pauses to think of the consequences. I feel as if we are dealing with a bunch of fast thinking, irrational teenagers on this issue.
Since September 11th, 2001 all I've heard from Bu$h and every other republican who opened their mouth was "TERROR." Terror lurked behind every corner. The terrorists were waiting for the right moment to strike. Thank God that the Democrats weren't in charge on 9/11. Bu$h will keep us safe. We'll gladly give up our Constitutional rights so Bu$h can keep us safe. It's all albout safety for you guys, isnt it? Democrats are soft on safety, they won't protect you from terrorists. If the Democrats take over in November all the stuff Bu$h has done to keep us safe will be changed.
I beg of you, PLEASE tell me ONE...THING George W. Bu$h has done to keep this country safe. Name one thing. That's all I want. Because I've heard so much about this supposed "safety" but I can't seem to think of ONE THING this man has done to "ensure" such safety. Was it the PDB's Bu$h ignored concerning "Osama Bin Laden determined to strike inside USA?" Did that keep us safe? Was it Bu$h ignoring the PDB prior to 9/11 that predicted airplanes were going to be used as "weapons?" THAT didn't keep us safe, did it? Was it Bu$h making up intelligence about Iraq having WMD's and selling this to the easily influenced American people thus engaing us in a war with a country that posed no threat, never attacked us and that HAD no WMD's? THAT'S not keeping us safe either. Was it Bu$h infuriating the entire Muslim world by attacking a Muslim country and killing fellow muslims? THAT isn't keeping us safe. How about when the Democrats in Congress wanted to increase the funding for port security so that every single container that came into our ports was scanned (instead of the 5% that's scanned now) but the Republicans wouldn't even allow the bill to the floor? THAT'S not making us safer. Or when, after 9/11, all chemical companies were supposed to tighten their security around their plants but they balked because it would "cost them too much money" (BOO HOO!) so they went to Karl Rove and he had the bill removed from consideration. How nice. But that's not keeping Americans safe either. Let me ask you this....where is our NATIONAL GUARD? Remember those guys? They GUARD THE NATION in case a catastrophe event occurs here on OUR SHORES? Where are they? Oh, that's right, our NATIONAL GUARD are exactly where they should be. They're in IRAQ.
Remember the Anthrax "attacks" that killed a few people after 9/11? Right around the time Bu$h was trying to pass the initial Patriot Act through the Senate and (mysteriously) the two senators who received Anthrax in the mail were the two Democratic senators who were holding up the passing of Bu$h's precious Patriot Act? Remember that? How everyone was afraid to open their mail? Did we ever catch that guy? Are they still even looking for him? No. So how is THAT keeping us safe? How's the border coming along? How many illegal aliens have strolled across our border, unimpeded? I believe the figure is somewhere between 11 and 15 MILLION. Immediately after 9/11, when all the terror assessments were telling us we were gonna be "hit again" did Bu$h and company IMMEDIATELY shut down the border? Did they send the National Guard down there? Cuz if 11 to 15 MILLION MEXCIANS have crossed, I'm sure one or two muslim fundamentalists have surely figured this out too. Don't you think? So tell me again, how's the border thing going? Do you feel safe by Bu$h's handling of the border? No?
I could go on ad infinitum, but why should I bother. You get the gist. This man is a fucking JOKE. He has done no more to keep us safe than I have. He has just scared you into believing he has. If they tell you every other day for 4 years that a terrorist attack is imminent and when one doesn't occur you simply believe they're busy "preventing" them. You see the blockades of SWAT teams on the streets in NYC every once in a while and you believe they're doing something. They were busy doping something alright. They were busy stealing your money, running up the defecit and getting our soldiers killed in Iraq for no reason.
And now they're busy preparing to drop nuclear weapons on Iran. Are you going to brush this one aside too? As you have every other criminal act this man has perpetrated upon us? Are you a glutton for punishment or are you simply too egotistical to admit you were wrong? We HAVE put the Serpent in charge of the country. George Bu$h is insane. He's a religious maniac who believes that by causing world war three in the middle east, JESUS will come back. He has a messiah complex. And that's simply insane. This man MUST be removed from office before this strike occurs. HE MUST BE! A nuclear strike upon Iran will destroy this country. OPEC could refuse to sell us oil or up the price to $150 a barrel. The Iranians could block the Strait of Hormuz. The Chinese, FRIENDLY with the Iranians, could simply tell us they want their money back. And guess what.....this country goes broke over night. Or Iran could call upon Hezbollah to strike us here at home. Knowing how fucking scared you idiots are of "terrorism," the knowledge that Hezbollah WILL attack us here should be enough to wake you dumb bastards up.
We have two choices. One....the people rise up and reclaim their government (my personal favorite.) But since 99% of you big talkers are fucking cowards (chickenhawks) at heart, this will never work. So our only other chance of stopping this armageddon is the military. If the military is able to stand up and refuse to act upon such an order or, if necessary, take hold of the government themselves, we may be able to stop this countdown before time runs out. There is already talk that many high ranking Generals are preparing to demand Bu$h pull the nuclear option off the table. Let's hope this comes to fruition. And if they demand and he refuses, let's hope they realize the time has come for them to step to the plate and remove the Serpent from office.