Sunday, April 16, 2006

Yeah I'm talkin to you(BITCH)
- Eminem
Pictured above is Ruth Malhotra, the esteemed senior at the Georgia Institute of Technology. This true christian is suing to allow her to discriminate against homosexuals. APPARENTLY, anti-harassment laws at her college are an "unacceptable infringement on her right to religious expression." NICE! In other words, her ability to practice chrsitanity is impeded cuz she can't castigate and attack every homosexual in her vicinity. Ah yes, THAT is what christianity is truly about. Here's the link so you guys can read about Ruth's noble attempts to free herself from the chains of "religious oppression."
I chose Easter to write about good ole Ruthie, a day when ya'll are supposed to be celebrating Jesus' (quite a peaceful individual from everything I've read) supposed ascent into heaven. Maybe you should ALSO take this time to look long and hard at what's occurring within your religion. Christianity has been highjacked by psychopaths and freaks, much like Islam has. Is it not time for the REAL christians, the peace loving individuals who follows Jesus's "message" to help the poor, turn the other cheek and love your neighbor, to make a stand and run these fundamentalist maniacs out? If you don't, and soon, christianity will be viewed with the same disdain and contempt as islam now is.
Instead of dedicating her time to hate and oppression, Ruth should really work on her oily ass face. Exxon Mobil should consider drilling on her face in order to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil. Ruth's got enough there for at least three years, don't ya think? Ruth - use an astringent. It'll help clear that mess right up, I promise. Oh and please remove the flag from MY country from your lapel. America stands for freedom and democracy. For acceptance, understanding and welcoming. NOT for hate, prejudice and oppression. She should really have a Nazi flag pinned to her coat.
Someone down at Gerogia Tech should kick her fucking ass. I would if I went to school down there. I'd show her what harassment was. See if she likes it. She wants to call people names and insult them and generally stalk them, fine! I'd do the exact same to her. But Ruth would call foul and go running and sobbing to the authorities. Hate is not a one way street, Ruthie. If its good for the FAGS Ruthie, than it's good for you, too. This stupid bitch is giving the enitre school a bad name, not to mention her frightening religion. Come to think of it, I wouldn't be able to punch Ruth in the face, my fist would slide right off. I'd have to think about another means of attack. Oh well.
I'm not even going to rant further on this, you've heard it all before. This woman is a christo-fascist and fundamentalist christianity is the biggest threat to this country today (aside from the impending nuclear strike against Iran.) I am embarrassed that Ruth Malhotra considers herself an American.
I spent MY Easter getting crucified at the gas pump. Today I paid $3.03 (actually $3.04 when you round up) for REGULAR. I put $10.00 worth of gas in my car and then nailed myself to the pump. I remained there until the cops arrived and gave me a summons. I was thinking of having a friend nail me to the larger sign by the roadside that states the insane gas prices. I could hang right there in the middle, letting my head droop to my chest as the blood squirted from my hands and feet, telling of the agony of such outrageous prices. I thought it was fitting. We got as far as putting me in a loin cloth and gathering the required crucifixion materials (hammer, nails, ladder, gallon of vodka and thorny crown we made from beef jerky purchased at the gas stations mini-mart) but decided against it when we witnessed how flimsy those gas station price boards really are. I wouldn't want the board to collapse into traffic while I'm nailed up there, wearing only a loin cloth and a beef jerky crown. So we returned, forlorn, to the bunker where we proceeded to drink all the vodka through improvised beef jerky straws. I'm still wearing the loin cloth.
**Anyone good with photoshop? I have Paint Shop but I havent learned to use it yet. Otherwise I would have put that nazi flag pin on Ruth's coat myself. If any of ya'll are up for the challenge, I would love to see it.