Tuesday, March 28, 2006



Will you run across the border mama? (I'll go cross the border papa)

- Philly's Most Wanted (horrible!)

I was downtown yesterday at a friends house when I heard all this tremendous commotion going on outside. Figuring the roundups of liberals had begun, I tentatively tiptoed over to the 4th floor window and peeked ever so carefully out the curtain and was amazed to see THOUSANDS of people in the streets. TENS of thousands. I was ecstatic! It had begun! Americans had finally had enough and had taken to the streets! I grabbed my backpack, shoved some clothes into it in case the march was going all the way to DC to take back our government, grabbed a soda outta the fridge and dropped it in with my clothes, slipped on my best pair of New Balance's and headed out to join the furious American people. Screaming an unintelligible goodbye, I blazed down the stairs three at a time, joyous that the people had finally awoken, and flew out into the street. There I stopped cold. Instead of throusands of American flags and angry Americans, I came face to face with thousands of MEXICAN flags and tens of thousands of Mexicans and others from South America demanding that ILLEGAL ALIENS receive the rights they "deserve." I was furious. I was more than furious, I was livid (and morbidly depressed that the revolution had not begun.)

I'm sorry, but if you are here ILLEGALLY you deserve no special rights and you need to be sent back to your home country. You have broken the law (hence the term "ILLEGAL" alien.) If you wish to come to this country (to any country) do so the legal way. I will more than welcome you. But to essentially break into this country and then demand you be allowed to stay and granted CITIZENSHIP is simply wrong. I totally respect people from other countries who desire to better their lives by becoming an American citizen the legal way and desire to LEARN THE LANGUAGE. But to just walk over the border and then demand citizenship is a slap in the face to every single immigrant who has ever taken the time and effort to obtain American citizenship through legal channels.

Illegal aliens are costing this country a goddamn fortune. The hospitals on the borders (and increasingly throughout the entire country) that have to treat all these individuals walking over the border are going broke. The cost of treating illegal aliens is in the BILLIONS. They have their children on American soil and the American taxpayers are forced to pay for them. I do, you do. And it's simply not fair.

Most of these illegals are paid under the table. As a result, they pay no taxes so they don't contribute ANYTHING monetarily to this country. The only people who benefit from illegal aliens are the companies that make money by not having to pay American citizens decent wages. Today I heard Michael Medved claim that the only jobs illegals take are those which Americans don't want to do. This is just bullshit. Someone did these jobs BEFORE this influx of illegal aliens began, so what's changed? I'll tell ya what's changed.....companies have discovered they can save themselves a fortune by paying illgal aliens for jobs they used to pay UNIONIZED AMERICANS for. It's disgusting. It really is. Why don't they simply hire illegal aliens to work in every job in this country? If they're not shipping our jobs overseas, they're giving them to illegal aliens. The American middle class is in deep shit if something isn't done about this. But don't rely on our magnificant president to help us out. He, OF COURSE, sides with (whoelse?) THE CORPORATIONS!

Bu$h wants to set up a guest worker program so all eleven million illegals (ELEVEN MILLION!!!) can stay and, whatelse, work for his criminal antiAmerican companies. His plan also says another 400,000 more illegals can come in each year to work. Where are they getting all these jobs? Why from you and I, of course. The reich, the regular guy from South Carolina or Kansas or wherever, they guy who has supported this admini$tration no matter what they have done so far, should be running in the opposite direction. And to all those reich supporters who have been voting for and remaining loyal to Bu$h because he would "keep us safe" should also wake the hell up. Since September 11th, Bu$h has done NOTHING to secure our border with Mexico. ANYONE can simply stroll across and lose themselves in this country. HOW is THIS keeping us safe? If 11 MILLION illegals have crossed, unimpeded, into America, how many members of Al-Qaida could have also come across? Al-Qaida is who you've been so scared of for four plus years, right? Every speech Bu$h makes he mentions Al-Qaida. So what has this wonderful president of yours done to seal up the mexican border ? NOTHING. NADA. Do you feel safer now?

Thom Hartman eloquently stated that this entire situation could be rectified if the government would simply punish the employers of illegal immigrants with jail time. If you hire an illegal, you're going to prison. But since this would negatively affect the rich (Bu$h's friends) this plan would NEVER come to fruition. Instead, nothing will be done with the Mexican border. Nothing but alot of rhetoric. Congress and the Senate will talk and argue for awhile, then something major will occur that will result in us all forgetting the border issue. This is how every contentious issue is solved with our current government. They make you forget about it so they can continue screwing you while you're focused on the new "problem." Illegals will continue to stream across the border because Bu$h's rich buddies want them here. Remember...NOBODY in the Republican party gives two SHITS about the American people. ALL THEY CARE ABOUT ARE THEIR RICH FRIENDS. And if this sickening border issue doesn't make you relaize that, then I don't know what will. This country is in SERIOUS trouble. And once again, NOBODY is gonna do shit about it.

So this isn't the "liberal" point of view, huh? I'm supposed to be "understanding" and realize that illegals are doing all the dirty work and that they just need to "feed their family?" WRONG. I am an AMERICAN first and foremost. I care more about the welfare of my country and of my fellow countrymen than how I'm "supposed" to think or act in regards to my political leanings. I will ALWAYS be an American and I will ALWAYS support what's best for my country. Anyway, lower and middle class liberals are on the chopping block with this one too. This is a chance for BOTH liberals AND conservatives to see eye to eye for once. To actually stand shoulder to shoulder (no matter how revolting that may seem) on an issue and work TOGETHER to solve it. This is neither a political issue nor a race issue, this is an American issue.