Friday, March 31, 2006

The Liberty Bell should have gotten up and rolled as far away from this chrsito-fascist asshole as possible. Or a thunderous clap should have been heard as the bell split the rest of the way in protest. Rick Santorum (Douche Bag, Pennsylvania) stands for NOTHING the Liberty Bell is supposed to signify. He is a hatemongerer, a homophobe, a fascist and a rabid misogynist. He stands for the rich and the rich ONLY. The good people of Philadelphia (those not ducking gunfire from the current wave of violence that has swept the city) should have scrubbed the LIberty Bell with Clorox after his departure and fummigated the entire Constitution Center in which it's located. Philadelphia shouldn't allow Santorum within 10 miles of the birthplace of the Constitution. Santorum stands for NOTHING the Constitution gurantess us and, along with every other neo-con asshole, desires to see our Constitutional rights dissolved and George Bu$h installed as King. He defiles the entire area with his presence and insults the America people. Sorry, but I find this picture nauseating. I cannot wait for Santorum to go down in a flaming pile of necromantic sludge in November. That is unless Diebold has a "vote."