Saturday, March 18, 2006


Everytime I see you falling, I get down on my knees and pray

- New Order

Aka Bu$h's approval ratings at all time low....LET'S EXPLOIT OUR SOLDIERS. I'm surprised that they didn't choose today to nuke Iran. I mean, why not? Everytime Bu$h's rating fall (plummet to be exact) or something negative crawls into the light in regards to this foul administration, we either bomb something or up the goddamn terror level. They simply tug on your fear string or they get all the patriotic juices flowing by parading our soldiers in front of the camera as they head off to get shot at. One of these days they're gonna make SURE it's not a false alarm.

Two days ago they proudly declared the beginning of OPERATION SWARMER....a "major" operation with "thousands" of troops. I think they said it was supposedly the "biggest" attack since the early days of the war. I'm sure. Looked more lie "Operation Photo-Op" to me. Did you see the video of those soldiers landing on what looked like the north side of mars and running through a completely empty desert? I've heard since that not a shot was fired and that they released all the prisoners they had taken. What are we doing in Iraq?

So Bu$h is down to a 34% approval rating (according to either Time or Newsweek, I can't remember which). 34% sounds about right. I've been declaring for about a year or so now that 34 % of the American people are simple drones. This trend is apparent on any internet poll you may engage in. No matter how OBVIOUS the question (last one I saw was "Is the U.S. Ready For A Female President?) the ridiculous answer is always holding a strong 34%. How many Americans is that? Lets see....300,000 million Americans (give or take) and 34% would be, what....102,000,000 people? WOW. No wonder I don't leave the house. I have a 1 in 3 chance of stumbling into a zombie pit and having my brain sucked outta my skull. So 34% percent of these assinine idiots support the continued killings in Iraq, support the bombing of Iran, the revocation of our constitutional rights, the instalation of right wing christian fascism into every facet of our lives, the continued bankrupting of our coffers to pay for this insane war and to provide tax cuts to the rich and every other piece of shit legislation that has occued since the Supreme Court declared Bu$h our Fuhrer in 2000. How nice. That should be 102,000,000 people lining up at the military recruiting offices to enlist. Right?

Did the terror level go up today too? I stopped paying attention to that the second I cut off my cable television. Now I only get SUPER basic cable and a cable modem. I no longer chance turning past O'Reilly's lie fest by mistake or Chris Matthews oral session with one republican lawmaker or another. The only news I watch is the News Hour with Jim Lehrer on PBS. They don't bother with the rainbow colored terror chart. That is reserved for the 34% of America who must plan their day around a pretty color chart provided by Faux News. The kind of people who stare into the sun and then wonder why they can't see.

Instead of the terror level I see they've been focusing on the Bird Flu as their sacre tactic. Two days ago the Health and Human Services Secretary announced to a terrified viewing audience that the bird flu was imminent, it was gonna kill EVERYONE and and that we should all stock up on canned tuna and powdered milk. I went to the grocery store the other night to refill on these lollipops I am addicted to (6/$1.00. You can't beat that) and decided to see if the sheep had answered the call by the fear machine. I strolled down the canned goods aisle and, low and behold, ALL the tuna fish was sold out. I didn't even bother checking the powderd milk. I simply shook my head, thought of something I could tell America they needed to buy to fend off the PANDEMIC, and left. Americans are whores to the media. Bu$h probably has stock in Starkist company or something. We already know that Rumsfeld plans on raking in a fortune with his stock in the Tamiflu manufacturers. Remind me to laugh when Tamiflu doesn't even work on H5N1.

I am concerned about bird flu from the angle that this government has no idea what it's doing (a la Hurricane Katrina) and will not be prepared should a pandemic materialize. THAT'S what I'm worried about. As far as contracting the bird flu? As I mentioned previously, I have a gas mask with a brand new NBC filter and I have no problem not leaving the house (my bunker of secular utopia) for as long as it takes for the flu to burn out. I also purchased gas masks for my mom and dad, so I'm not too concerned about them either. Except that they might kill each other if they had to stay locked in close quarters for an extended period of time. But beside that, we're good.

When will the inevitable terrorist attack occur in this country that Bu$h will blame on Iran and use as the excuse he needs to nuke them? I am predicting this occurance before the end of Bu$h's "term" in office. He can then declare the country to be in a "state of war," suspend the Constitution and postpone the elections forever. We may never get rid of this group from office. They've dug themselves in and we are at their mercy. The people in this country have no power anymore and we have no "legal" way to unseat them aside from voting them out. But with the elections all fixed due to the Diebold machines and other "activities" of the reich, we can't get rid of them by simply "voting them out." We are going to have to dig them out. Welcome to "Operation Scabies."