Wednesday, March 15, 2006

We are scanning the scene In the city tonite. We are looking for you To start up a fight. There is an evil feeling In our brains, But it is nothing new You know it drives us insane - Agent Orange
I read the following story about Mike Malloy receiving death threats against his 19 month old daughter (threats to kill and rape her) and the anger boiled up inside me to an entirely new degree. A kind of hate I had only glimpsed before for a spilt second and then it subsided. Now this hate is burning a fire in my soul. Usurping every other emotion and digging itself a permanent, firey spot my gut. I don't like the feeling. But it's clouding my better judgment.

If Mike Malloy offends you, if you can't stand hearing negative statements made about your idol, Bu$h, then simply refrain from listening to his show. It's that simple. If it upsets you that much to hear what Bu$h and his republican cronies are doing to our country and to its citizenry, write letters of protest to Mike. Explain your position and why you believe he is wrong. But to threaten to rape and kill his daughter is beyond contempt. Yet you claim to be a "good christian." You are not a good, god fearing christian. You are not a friend of Jesus. You are a morally devoid sick piece of shit who deserves to be buried beneath the jail. Is this what your Jesus would do? All the pictures you have of Jesus throughout your home, do they scream murder, rape and subjugation at you? Does your Bible tell you to attack nonbelievers? Is it written somewhere in your bible that threatening to rape and murder the children of those with whom you disagree is the "christian" thing to do? If it is, than I feel quite bad for you for you have been brainwashed by insanity. You are both putrid and evil.

This is what has become of our country. The reich is incapable of arguing their points and revert to threats and viciousness. This increasingly violent stance is evident is all aspects of our society. We have become a people who would rather kill, attack or burn down the houses of those with whom we disagree instead of holding an academic conversation. We are dealing with people of inadequate education, poor upbringing and frightening religious brainwashing who are simply incapable of defending their positions without violence.

When do the Night Rides begin? When do you mount your stead and ride through the night, routing individuals with whom you disagree from their houses and lynching them? When do they start burning their crosses on the lawns of atheists, agnostics, liberals, democrats, Muslims, Jews and FAGS in an attempt at silencing and intimidating those with beliefs they find repugnant? The KKK hasn't gone away. It has simply changed their name to "American Family Association," "The Family Research Council," "Focus on the Family," "Repent America," and "The Republican Party" etc etc. Instead of holding meetings in their garages or behind drawn curtains, they hold them openly now, in their churches. They proudly proclaim their violent beliefs on these Christian programs that have flooded our airwaves and spew forth their hate filled rehtoric on the reich-wing talk shows that inundate our radio dials. They stand on street corners and assault women who are entering abortion clinics, they protest at funerals of soldiers and assault and kill homosexuals, of whom they are afraid. No, the KKK hasn't disbanded and become a thing of the past. They have simply replaced their white hoods and with crucifixes,"W'04" stickers and republican party affiliation cards.
The supposed "real christians" need to check themselves and see what has become of their religion. Look at the supposed "leaders" of the christian movement. Christianity has morphed into a hate party whose sermons and declarations should be silenced under the "hate speech" laws. But every facet of our government has be infiltrated by the new Klan. They have dug themselves in like lice in pubic hair. And they continue to multiply.
I have reached a point with these people that is dangerous. Don't speak to me if you are a reich-winger. Don't approach me, don't even look at me. Infect your own families with your filthy disease. The time has come where I am no longer able to deal with these people on any civil level whatsoever. You are my sworn enemy. An enemy with whom I will not be satifsfied until it is wiped off this continent. Removed from my vision and whose stench of hate is cleansed from my nostrils. I am no longer capable of even feigning civility around christo-fascist republicans. I look upon them with a dangerous feeling of contempt and disgust which I'm sure is visible in my scowled face and balled up fists. I tremble in the presence of a republican, not from fear of them, but from fear of myself. You can only fuck with people for so long until they revert to their animal instincts and strike back. Maybe ALL "non-believers" should be granted firearm carry permits to protect themselves from unwarrented, unprovoked attacks by the christian right.