Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Currently suffering from a blinding migraine most likely brought on by viewing Russ Feingold (D. Wisconsin) being eviscerated by the reich on the floor of the Senate yesterday. Feingold DARED to call for Bu$h to be censured and the reich, knowing no other thing to do, fell back on their old trusty word "terror" and accused Feingold of assisting the terrorists. I hate these people.
That's when the pain and the vomiting began and it hasn't subsided since. I think I was actually blind for a few minutes yesterday, but it may have been a pain induced hallucination. I've mentioned before that I gave myself high blood pressure from being so furious all the time and I'm sure this migraine is a result of a sudden spike in blood pressure. It took me three full hours just to get my throbbing head off the pillow to type this. I lay there thinking "Ok, if you can just get up you can type SOMETHING on the blog." The thought of actually rising from my death bed was ludicrous, and I was sure the light from my monitor would blind me forever and cause sudden, unstoppable emesis. So I lay there for three hours trying to get up enough courage to rise. I almost passed out when I stood up to walk the 2 feet to my computer and a wave of nausea swept over me like a tsunami. I have been swallowing Excedrin like its candy (goodbye, liver!) and I'm hoping to recover by tomorrow. If not, I will kill myself. One can only survive a migraine for so long. Back to my death bed I go. I'll be back ranting and raving tomorrow (if I'm still amongst the living.)