Friday, March 10, 2006

Am I ready for the real world, will I pass the test? You know it's a jungle out there. Ain't nothin' gonna stop me, I won't be second best, But the joke's on those who believe the system's fair. Teacher, teacher, can you teach me? Can you tell me if I'm right or wrong? Teacher, teacher, can you reach me?I wanna know what's goin' on.
- .38 Special
Thank GOD for liberal/progressive talk radio. Air America Radio (AAR) is the best thing to happen to me in years. I can actually say that it more likely than not saved my life. If not my life, than at least my sanity.
I can still remember the day my Uncle turned me on to Air America. It was exactly 321 days ago today. He sent me the link to stream it on my computer. I turned it on in the middle of the Randi Rhodes show and nearly feel out of my comfy computer chair. I simply couldn't believe that there WERE other people with the same beliefs and that they had their OWN RADIO SHOWS! For four years I had thought I was alone in an insane world. We had been taken over in the middle of the night and I had somehow been spared. A blue outpost surrounded by the red enemy.
Before being turned on to AAR, I had been torturing myself and listening to the likes of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh (drug addict), Sean Hannity, Michael Medved, etc etc. I would scream and yell and rant and rave all while trying to keep my car on the road and headed in a straight line. I can honestly say that I actually smashed my head against the steering wheel a few times. Listening to the callers to these shows was no different from my standing in line at the local grocery store and hearing the inane conversations being carried on around me. Narcissistic middle aged women wearing tennis outfits and diamonds out the ass pretending to know anything about world politics is enough to turn any sane human into a psychotic lunatic. So I would drop whatever meager groceries I was carrying and run outta the store before I turned on one of these orange tinted nightmares like a rabid dog. I still don't know why I listened to these reich-wing shows, I guess I subconsciously hated myself and was trying to drive myself insane. It almost worked. Needless to say, the first few seconds of AAR was like a breath of fresh air.
I live approximately 10 miles from a major city but the small town in which my apartment is located is the epitome of a republican stronghold. It's 110% white, it's 99.9% rich (the 0.1% that isn't rich lives in my apartment complex). You can't drive 3 stop lights here without seeing Bentleys, Ferrari's and the highest priced Mercedes and BMW's. And, of course, the obligatory SUV with the "W'04" sticker in the back window. I try to avoid these people like the plague. When I leave the building, I crack open the door to the apartment complex and peek outside. If the coast is clear (aka free of republican zombies) I scramble to my car and haul ass outta town. That is the extent of my relationship with this town. My bunker of secular utopia is located here, and I remain inside away from the brain eating zombies that roam the streets outside. When I do venture out, it is to drive into the city. And the city is where I spend 99% of my time. The other 1% I spend in my mothers zombie dominated town. Fortunate for her, she doesn't carry the same chip on her shoulder as do I and she is able to mix with these "people" without trying to kill them. I am not.
That first day of listening to AAR was great. I sat in my apartment all day and streamed AAR throughout the entire apartment. I had just purchased these new satellite surround sound speakers and a new sound card to go with them and I cranked out liberal sanity all day. I was in heaven. Then 10:00pm rolled around and I settled down to listen to the next host, Mike Malloy. Ten minutes into my first Malloy show and I knew I had found my voice. Here was a man who spoke PRECISELY WHAT I FELT. All the anger was there, all the fury was there, all the feelings of being screwed and cheated by a government which was supposed to represent US. It was as if someone had plugged a microphone into my head and all my thoughts were coming out but instead of ME speaking them, it was Mike. I felt like I'd known him for years. It was strange. Now I never miss a show. I have actually told people I "have to go" in order to rush home and listen to myself, I mean Malloy, rant and rave about the injustices being perpetrated upon the American people. Mike speaks for US, the little guy, the American. Malloy pulls no punches.
I don't know how long AAR and shows like it will be around. I wouldn't doubt if one day they were all removed from the air for speaking against the government. Remember those fateful lines by Public Enemy ...."Freedom of speech means freedom of death." Until that day, I will do all I can to support AAR and its hosts. They are the only people who speak for US. Contrary to popular belief, there is no "liberal media." AAR and others like them are all we have. Without them our voices will be silenced.
As long as these liberal talk shows continue, I have a schedule which I follow when listening to them. Sometimes I switch back and forth bewteen two or three different shows, depending on what they are discussing. Thanks to Democratic Underground, I discovered numerous OTHER liberal talk show hosts who are on throughout the day. Some are not on AAR and I stream these guys from their particular radio stations or I connect to their internet streams. Most of the people who frequent my angry little blog are already listeners of AAR and the other hosts I link below. If you for some reason HAVEN'T tuned into AAR yet, I beg you to give it a listen. It's important that our views get out there. We ARE at least 50% of the citizenry of this country. Shouldn't we be allowed to freely express OUR views? Or is freedom of the speech limited ONLY to those who support this president and the christian religion? I have provied the links and times for my favorite liberal talk shows below. Commence firing back.
12noon to 3pm est
The Thom Hartmann Show (
Thom's show can be streamed from here:
3pm to 7pm est
The Randi Rhodes Show (
Randi's show can be streamed from the AAR website at the following address:
6pm to 9pm est
The Young Turks (
Their show can be streamed from:
7pm to 10pm est
Head on Radio with Bob Kincaid (
Bob's show is only streamed on the internet. He does the show from his house! Bob's show is one of my favorites because he does it because he CARES. He's not all about raking in the big bucks (all though I'm sure it would be nice!). Bob is great and his show is great. Stream Bob's show from this link:
7pm to 10pm est
The Majority Report with Sam Seder and Janeane Garofalo(
Sam and Janeane's show can be streamed from the AAR site at:
10pm to 1am est
The Mike Malloy Show (
"Go to bed screaming" with Mike Malloy. Prepare thyself to hear the truth, the whole truth and nothing BUT the truth. Mike's show can ALSO be streamed directly from the AAR website at:
3pm to 5pm est
Ring of Fire with Robert Kennedy Jr. and Mike Papantonio (
I love this show and I love both hosts. Very informative and alot of information on environmental issues. Stream their show from AAR at:
11pm to 2am est
The Peter Werbe Show (
Peter's Sunday night show can be streamed from the following site: