Friday, March 03, 2006

The sanity assassin stays up all night stalking.The sanity assassin Picks off victims like flies. The sanity assassin Let his fingers do the walking. The sanity assassin The crack shot between your eyes. He's got you in his sights
- Bauhaus
These religious fanatics are my sannity assassins. They are litterally driving me insane, and they've got ALL of us in their sights.
Where in the hell was I when the Jesus Beam shot from the heavens and turned all of America into religious zombies? Was I in some underground club, gyrating provocatively and drinking watermelon martini's when the beam struck? Did the subteranean layout of the club protect me and my friends from the affects of the Jesus Beam? Or have I done such a good job transforming my apartment into a bunker of secular utopia that the beam couldn't penetrate the tin foil I have taped to the walls? Whatever the case I am, thankfully, unaffected.
But the Beam sure did a job on the State of Missouri. Today we learn that this great state (sic) is considering a law that would name christianity as the official religion. WHAT?? This simply CAN'T be constitutional. But then I forget that our constitution in a worthless piece of paper, kind of like a parking ticket, something we know we have but we choose to pay no attention to. What in the hell is going on in this country? Bu$h really DID sell the country and the constitution the the religious christian fanatics so he and his friends could acquire wealth beyond comprehension, didn't he?
So let's consider what Missouri is planning. They want Christianity to be recognized as the official MAJORITY religion. I'm guessing they are doing this so they can adorn their state offices with 67 foot neon crucifixes and 500 yard long nativity scenes at will. They could post religious propaganda on every street corner and basically force others to "submit" to christianity. What about Jews and Muslims and Buddhists and Atheists and Agnostics and every other religious belief or non-belief? Fuck these people, they're going to hell. Will they somehow be FORCED to convert to christianity or "suffer" some form of "punishment?" This simply cannot be legal. It can't. What if the Muslims wanted to make ISLAM the official religion in Michigan? If the Christians are 'allowed" to do so in Missouri, then why couldn't the Muslims do so in another state? But no,this would NEVER be permitted. The population would be up-in-fucking-arms if the MUSLIMS wanted to FORCE Islam on the poor, innocent populace. This kind of religious oppression is ONLY acceptable as long as it's CHRISTIANITY that is being forced down our throats.
Why do I have this nagging feeling that when this "law" makes it to the Supreme Court it will be upheld? Why do you think all these insane "laws" and "bans" are suddenly being passed NOW? How many DAYS have Alito and Roberts (homosexuals in denial. The most dangerous kind of person) been on the Court together? A relatively short time, right? And these sickening, oppressive laws just SUDDENLY seemed to drop at the same time? I bet. This was planned the second these religious fascists learned their savior BU$h would get to appoint new members to the Supreme Court. As I've been saying, WE HAVE BEEN TAKEN OVER.
In Florida, the founder of Domino's Pizza wants to create a religious, sin-free town adjacent to a new christian university he is building where ONLY people of the same moral values are permitted to live. I wonder if they have to pass some test? In this wonderful new town, there will no porn sold in the stores OR allowed on the cable network. Birth control pills and condoms won't be stocked in the pharmacies. And cages will be built in the basement of the churches to detain the pregnant women until that fetus pops out. I wonder if they'll ban alcohol? Probably not, mental patients like to drink. Will there be a curfew? Does everyone have to be indoors and reading their required Bible passages by 9:00pm? What if you need to travel THROUGH this town? Will you be required to obtain special transit papers? Will the non-believer be escorted through town so as to make sure this morally corrupt individual doesn't pollute their pure town? Will BLACKS be allowed to live there? THIS cannot be legal either. It is currently being opposed by the ACLU. It, too, will make it to the Supreme Court and it, too, will be deemed "legal." Wanna read about THIS psychotic activity? Go here:
I have been saying that I won't leave for Canada and that I will stay here and fight, but I'm finding that plan to be more hopeless every day. We are outnumbered and outgunned. These fanatics are crawling out of every sewer and rathole. Just today I was downtown and there were these blank eyed zombies pressing "Jesus Saves" pamphlets into the hands of everyone who passed by. CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP. They were on every street corner for 15 blocks. Needless to say, I hauled ass back to my bunker, gave the special secular knock, dove through the door and immediately went to the religion-decontamination room. I'm feeling much better. Disheartened and disgusted, but once I reached the safety of my bunker and turned on a Ministry CD, I was feeling pretty much back to normal (as normal as one can feel, considering the times we've entered.)
Ya know, the Nazi's started slow too. Then one day they were everywhere. Suddenly there were swastika flags snapping in the breeze from every window, hanging from every lightpole and wrapped around the upper arm of the "truest" believers. Brownshirts were on every streetcorner, recruiting new members and looking for those they deemed a threat. Suddenly, EVERYONE was singing the praises of THEIR savior, the Fuhrer. If you dared speak out against the Nazis, you were tortured and jailed. Many were murdered. So I'm getting the hell outta here before it's too late. You can fight the military, but you can't fight a brainwashed religious fanatic. They are ALWAYS right. What was it that Hunter S. Thompson said in 'Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas?' "You can turn your back on a person, but NEVER turn your back on a drug." To these people, JESUS is their drug, and they're completely wasted. I'm outta here.
Here's the link for the Missouri story (you may have to register):