Friday, March 17, 2006


Missiles in America, deep down in the ground. They're pointing straight at Russia, they're pointing all around. A small red button gently pressed, will set those missiles free. And when they land with one big bang, the end of you and me. American leaders - who'll start the war? Soviet leaders - who'll start the war? There are missiles in the U.S.S.R. pointing straight at you. Aimed at the United States of America, aimed at Britain too. A small red button gently pressed will set those missiles free. And when they land with one big bang, No hope for you and me. American leaders - who'll start the war? Soviet leaders - who'll start the war? American leaders, who'll start the war? Who'll be a cowboy? What's the missiles for?
- The Exploited
We are going to attack Iran. Probably with tactical nuclear weapons (Cheney already obtained authorization to use tactical nukes a few months back. Here's the link: ) because Iran's uranium enrichment facilities are buried so deep into the earth. I simply cannot wrap my mind around this prospect. It's aftermath will be too horrible, both for the Iranians AND for ourselves.
Yesterday, Bu$h reaffrimed his "strike first" policy. "When the consequences of an attack with weapons of mass destruction are potentially so devastating, we cannot afford to stand idly by as grave dangers materialize. … The place of pre-emption in our national security strategy remains the same" National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley stated. He goes on to say "The president's strategy affirms that the doctrine of pre-emption remains sound and must remain an integral part of our national security strategy. If necessary, the strategy states, under longstanding principles of self defense, we do not rule out the use of force before attacks occur, even if uncertainty remains as to the time and place of the enemy's." Jesus P. Christ. I don't even know what to say about this. Do the hawks understand the shit storm this will unleash upon this country? We cannot go around attacking other countries, ESPECIALLY with tactical nuclear weapons.
So Iran has the WMD's now, huh? If you took what Bu$h et al told us about Iraq and simply change it to Iran you would have the same exact rhetoic. Rumsfeld and Bu$h just recently started blaming Iran for IED's found around Baghdad. But General Peter Pace, when asked about these connections to Iran, said he new of no such thing. Gee, Rumsfled and Bu$h lying to us. Who woulda thought? I mean, they didn't make up random lies regarding Iraq and their supposed nuclear and biological weapons programs, did they? Now they are doing the EXACT SAME THING with Iran. They are gong to convince you that attacking Iran is of utmost importance for the survival of our country. Maybe they'll even try to stage another Gulf of Tonkin. Who knows. But one thing I DO know....Bu$h really thinks you're stupid. Maybe you are.
Iran is AT LEAST 10 years away from developing a nuclear weapon, if they develop one at all. My feeling on this is simple....who are WE to decide what country can or cannot possess nuclear weapons? Pakistan has nuclear weapons, and they're run by a military dictator who is one car bomb away from being overthrown by the Islamic fundamentalist groups who have been trying to kill him for 3 years. Do we demand Pakistan turn over their nukes or do we threaten to "strike" them? Oh no, we NEED them so they get a pass. We just sold India nuclear techology so they could build MORE nukes which flies completely in the face of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty.
Isreal has nukes too. And I don't doubt for a second that they would use them. But again, they're our buddies, so their nukes are "good." France and Russia have nukes, but they're white people so they, too, get a pass. China has tons of nukes and they're a communist country who has threatened us with them if we ever tried to interfer in their attampt to retake Taiwan. But they hold all our debt, so we can't attack them nor insist they disarm. And what about North Korea? Aren't the in the "Axis Of Evil?" Why don't we attack North Korea? I bet it's because they don't have anything we want and they might just nuke South Korea if we DID attack them. So you see, if I was Iran I would WANT a nuke to protect myself against an unprovoked attack by the good ole U.S of A.
See, we don't "preemptively" attack countries that have nukes, do we? We KNEW Iraq and Afghanistan were nuke free so we attacked them. To attack another country armed with nukes would be foolish. So I can completely understand why Iran desires nuclear weapons. Wouldn't WE want nukes if the tables were turned and lets say China was randomly atacking other countries? You bet your ass we would. We are not the worlds police nor do the American citizens desire to be the worlds police. Of course, the armchair chickenhawks and the reich desire such power, but they are unwilling to sacrifice themselves or their children to fill the ranks of the military. Yes they want these preemptive attacks but they should be carried out by other peoples children. It's easy to be pro-war from the safety and relative comfort of your living room.
If Bu$h attacks Iran with tactical nuclear weapons we will open the floodgates of hate upon this country the likes of which we have never before seen. We will be the pariah of the planet. NOBODY will want to deal with us. NOBODY. They all hate us already, I can imagine what an attack against ANOTHER country (escpecially one using nuclear weapons) would do to our position in the world. Has Bu$h et al even thought of the reprocussions of such an attack? What if everyone stared dumping our bonds? The dollar would bottom out and we'd have a depression that would surapss the 1930's by a thousandfold. What if Iran blocks the Strait of Hormuz? How difficult would that be? This Strait links the Persian Gulf to the Gulf of Oman through which travels the majority of our oil. All Iran would need to do would be to sink a freighter at the opening of the Strait and no oil would get through. Oil prices would skyrocket to $100 a barrel and gas would be $10.00 a gallon. Now please remember, every aspect of our comfy lives is dependant upon oil. If they cut off the oil, our comfy lives will quickly fade into oblivion. No more malls, no more country clubs, no more suv's, no more air conditioning, no TELEVISION! What would you people do?
What about retaliatory attacks against our mighty "homeland?" Have we thought of that? You can bet your ass that if we attack Iran we would see suicide bombings and other forms of terror take place in "the homeland" on a daily basis. You idiots who get all erect over the thought of carpet bombing and dropping nukes are idiots. Total idiots. You have no idea what such an attack would do to us.
Bu$h is a man with no soul. He and Cheney and Woflowitz and Rumsfeld are blood drenched murderers. They don't care about you and me. They don't care about "securing the homeland" as they claim every 15 seconds. Bu$h and his crime family are out for themselves and for the monetry advancement of their rich friends. Someone really rich will get richer by our attacking Iran. Look at every move this man and these republicans in both the House and the Senate have ever made in the last 5 plus years. Every bill, every law, every attack has benefited the wealthy in one way or another. While the little guy, the regular American is left to die on the battlefield, to clean up the mess and to foot the fucking bill. Bu$h doesn't need congressional approval to attack another country. We ALREADY GAVE HIM THAT POWER when we authorized force against Iraq. Did you idiots think of that when you were screaming for revenge for 9/11? With revenge in your eyes and no thought in your heads, you gladly gave this ex-alcoholic and coke addict the power to attack whomever he and his cabal of bloodthirsty freaks wants. This man can do anything he wants with our military, with our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers and sons and daughters. He can bomb WHO he wants WHEN he wants. We have no say. We are at this mans mercy and this man is insane.