Monday, March 06, 2006


It seems that those damn invisible liberals are causing a great deal of trouble amongst the straightlaced, family focused christians. A great deal of trouble in deed. Last night Hollywood held their Academy Award celebrations and several "homo" movies were nominated for awards. This didn't sit well with the christo-fascists who believe such movies are destroying the very fabric of American society. They were looking to nominate more "family" movies. Apparently movies such as 'Brokeback Mountain', 'TransAmerica' (a GREAT movie, by the way) and 'Capote' were too IMMORAL for the religious folks and are a bad influence upon their fragile, easily influenced mini christo-fascists. Or, as I like to say, fascists in training. Even the penguin movie was disparaged due to its apparent "pro-environmental leanings."

I was listening to Mike Malloy this afternoon on Air America and he was reading an email he had received from one of those "family values" groups. Apparently, they are so horrified by the HUGE number of "homo" movies that they are proposing holding their own "Red State Awards." Go right ahead. In fact, have your own everything, I don't care. Move to your own states and secede from the rest of the Union for all I care. In fact, I'll help ya move and I'll offer my services (free of charge) to build the wall that will shut you in. Do us that favor, PLEASE. Anyway, it seems the christo-fascists are very concerned about the affect these "homo" movies will have on their impressionable children and on themselves as well. Apparently a perfectly "straight" man can be changed into a limp wristed, fire breathing FAG by merely viewing a man kissing another man on the big screen. And this is how I first learned of the "Invisible Liberals" (The Invisiberals).

Seems the Invisiberals are EVERYWHERE, holding people at gunpoint and FORCING THEM (FORCING THEM, for gods sake!!!) to see movies, watch television shows and listen to music they don't approve of. It's the only reason I can come up with for this irrational concern regarding activities that are ELECTIVE. Why else would someone go see a movie they consider offensive? These damn invisiberals are ruining peoples lives! Just last week they held ME at gunpoint, took me to an Adult Video store and FORCED ME to not only BUY a porn, but to WATCH IT as well. I was weeping like an infant at the end of having been FORCED to watch such obscene material. And then the Invisiberals made me watch it again. God help me!

The invisiberals are the scourge of moral society. It's only a matter of time before people start using the "Invisiberals Made Me Do It" defense in court. That's a legitimate defense, right? No one should be held accountable for their own actions, especially not the weak minded christo-fascists. And all of society should be punished and subjected to really REALLY boring "family films" cuz the Invisiberals are constantly forcing these good christians to view material they consider offensive. What happens if the Invisberals start forcing ME to watch the 512 JESUS channels on my basic cable? I know I have a remote control and could change the channel at any time (or just plain skip them) but the Invisiberals keep INSISTING I watch the Jesus Shows! Should they be removed from the airwaves? What about churches? What if the Invisiberals start forcing me to attend church services, something I would obviously be offended by? Should all churches be closed to save myself from possibly entering one some day? Christo-fascism is as offensive to me as pornography is to others, so where are MY rights? If we're gonna use this "morally offensive" reason to ban electively viewed material, then let's use this SAME reason to BAN religion.

Uh oh! I hear another "morally repugnant" movie being played in the living room, and I'm being led in at gunpoint to watch it. Damn these Invisiberals!!!