Saturday, March 18, 2006

Drawing By a Young Christo-Fascist
In Training

It's good to get em started on the hate-drawing young. Their minds are easier to warp. If I had a kid I'd start em off with the simple swastika first. Nothing too difficult, just a simple broad stroke swastika they could draw with their crayons or giant markers or whatever. Then we could work up from there. Maybe try some hooded klansman killing a black family or a long nosed JEW heading towards the "shower." Ya know, something that would take a little more talent and would allow the child to use more colors than just the boring black swastika. As you can see in the kids drawing above, he/she used sufficent color when disparaging the FAGS, Muslims, atheists, etc etc. Jesus would be proud of this young Van Gogh. When they hit maybe 15 or 16, for their piece de resistance, I would allow them to draw (in color, of course) a fully functioning concentration camp OR (I give choices) the mob beating and subsequent lynching of a gay youth. Either one is fine with me. Just as long as they're in color and don't go outside the lines.
The website where I located the above drawing is frightening. I would put up the link so you could check it out yourself, but I don't want that psycho shit fouling up my blog. If you wanna view it, the website is in the bottom corner of the picture. The whole site is dedicated to "exposing Islam induction in our textbooks." Um.......sure. Whatever. Just another bit on nonsense for the religious loons to work themselves into a lather over.
Well I'm signing off. I have some derogatory drawings of Christians to do. Should I show the Christians wearing white or red jackets as they oppress women and force them to carry the child of their rapist? Hmmmmm......decisions, decisions.