Thursday, March 02, 2006

"They're coming for you, Barbara"
- Night of the Living Dead
Wondering why I haven't written in some time? Why my persistent rantings regarding the wrongs in society have slowed to a mere trickle? Well it's simple, I have been busy boarding myself up inside my apartment. They are coming for me (and for you, too!) and I'm doing my best to barricade myself against the coming onslaught. Someone pass me another nail!
This country has officially been taken over. Sacrificed to the christian fanatics so that a few very rich people can continue to line their coffers. Its revolting. Doesn't the first amendment to the Constitution guarantee freedom of religion? Can I go so far as to say that it therefore ALSO guarantees freedom FROM religion? So why am I being subjected to religious oppression? Why are the religious beliefs of a specific religion being shoved down my throat and why am I being forced to comply? The purpose of the religious right is to control you. They are desperate to control the lives of other human beings. Hence the sickening abortion ban in South Dakota which doesn't even have a stipulation allowing for an abortion in cases or RAPE and INCEST!! So a woman should be FORCED to birth the child of her RAPSIT or FATHER? I think not. Someone should sue on the grounds that this "ban" infringes on their first amendment rights.
The entire reasoning for outlawing abortion is based on religious beliefs.... God doesn't want abortion, it's taking a human life, it says so in the Bible. Therefore everyone in the country should be denied an abortion because it's considered murder by religious individuals. HOWEVER...since I consider the Bible to be a work of fiction, an early attempt by man to control society, why should I be punished and subject to these same beliefs? Muslims believe that women should wear the head dress when in public. Why don't we enforce THIS upon all of society? The Jews believe all food should be kosher in order to eat it, do we enforce these "laws" upon the rest of society? Of course not, these laws are not based on CHRISTIANITY, the religion that has taken over the lives of every American citizen, whether YOU follow that religion or not.
I don't believe abortion is murder. Should I be forced to carry a baby for nine months because some yahoo wants me to? Should pregnant women be tied down for nine months and held at gunpoint to ensure that that fetus is delivered? Seems like it's coming to that, doesn't it? Yet as soon as that fetus is delivered, the room clears out. The screaming anti-abortion oppressors are gone, the people who claimed to care so much about the welfare of that fetus have mysteriously disappeared into the night. Syonara, their job is done. But if that fetus, which they desperately fought so hard for to MAKE SURE it was given "life," grows up and kills someone, then these SAME PEOPLE will make sure that this LIFE is taken by the State. Go figure.
If these christian fanatics wish to pass laws that restrict the rights of individuals, then pass them within their churches. Make it illegal, within the church, for a christian believer to have an abortion. Don't press your beliefs upon me, who no more believes in christianity than I do the tooth fairy. This is inherently unfair and also restricted IN THE CONSTITUTION!!! If the religious right believes abortion is wrong, DON'T HAVE ONE. If they believe certain movies or television shows are immoral, DON'T WATCH THEM. If they think certain people are immoral, DON'T ASSOCIATE WITH THEM. Please, don't associate with me. In fact, stay the fuck away from me. But don't press your religious beliefs upon those who don't believe!
But this won't happen. More and more of our rights will be taken away to appease these psychotic christians. This week, Samuel Alito sent "thank you" notes to all the reich-wing christian groups (such as James Dobson's inherently fascist 'Focus On The Family') Oh great. We're fucked. These christian maniacs have succeeded in taking over our country and we are soon going to see many more of our rights restricted to satiate these obsessed, hyper-religious (mental disorder) christians (fascists).
So I continue to nail my doors shut and board up my windows, cuz those brain eaters are out there, arms outstretched, slowly coming for me. I paint ALIVE INSIDE on the side of my building so other sensible minded non-zombies know where they can run in an emergency without fear of having their brain sucked from their skull. I am building a bunker, I guess. A bunker against christian fanaticism. In here, in my little secular utopia, I will curse all I want, watch all the porn I want. I will drink when I want and have all the sex I want (I may even involve myself with some SODOMY if the mood so strikes me). Maybe I'll even smoke some pot. I will listen to malicious rap music and satan worshiping rock cuz it's my FUCKING RIGHT to listen to it. I will walk around naked and admire my numerous tattoos. I will invite over my gay friends and let them makeout in my kitchen. Maybe I'll even hold a marriage ceremony for them in my living room. A real den of iniquity, that's what I'm gonna run over here, safely boarded up from the outside world. In here there IS no oppression. But I have to work fast, cuz the religious crazies are out there right now, I can hear the sound of brains being eaten. CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP. There is a church across the street and today the congregational zombies stood outside, in the rain, with their anti-abortion signs. They sing and chant and scream at passerbys. So I turn up my Sex Pistols CD and hammer faster. God Save the Queen.
No future, no future, there's no future for you.
- Sex Pistols