Monday, February 13, 2006

Who shot ya but you punks didn't finish now you're bout to feel the wrath of a menace
- Tupac Shakur
Why Dick Cheney shot ya, that's who! I wonder what this guy did to the administration? Was he about to testify in front of a grand jury? Or is Cheney simply senile in his old age? When I first heard the preamble to this story on the nightly news (I was watcing the Olympics), I swore they were gonna say that Abramoff or Libby were "accidentally" shot. Too bad he didn't take Bu$h quail hunting. Maybe next time. But who would therefore take Cheney "quail hunting?"
Another question, why didn't Cheney's office report this incident? At all. It was a tip to the local newspaper that lead to the revelation. The American people didn't find out that "their" Vice President was randomly gunning people down for 24 hours after the incident. Was Cheney DRUNK and knew he'd have to take a mandatory breathalizer test? And why did the Emperor Cheney refuse to speak to the local police about the incident? Does Cheney simply believe himself beyond the law? (Yes). Next time I load someone up with lead I believe that I, too, will refuse to speak to the local police. We'll see how far I get with that (my lowly ass would be under arrest and in jail so fast my head would spin.) Whatever the reason, this whole story stinks. Stinks like this entire administration.

P.s. Can you imagine if this was some BLACK GUY who shot up a fellow "hunter?" HO....LY....SHIT! He'd ALREADY be on death row.