Thursday, February 23, 2006

This Entire Bu$h Administration

You're full of shit, I fuckin hate you
- Rancid
Well, well, well! Was I right or was I right? Bu$h and his cronies are so predictable. Do you right-wing assholes now fully grasp the FACT that this president is NOT out to protect you, he is NOT the "security president" as you have been screaming for the last 4 years, this man is ONLY out for his and his friends own best interests (read MONEY). That is all this man cares about and all he has EVER cared about. Every single move he has ever made while President is to further his own portfolio and the portfolios of his friends. Have you FINALLY come to that realization?
Has the idea that this "man" would indeed allow the U.A.E. to take over control of our seaports, against the vociferous disapproval of nearly every single American citizen and House member, so he and his scum of the earth, piece of SHIT friends could make ENORMOUS amounts of money, has this FINALLY SUNKEN INTO YOUR OBVIOUSLY SHALLOW HEADS? Has this actually done it? Although you feign outrage now, I doubt it shall last. Miraculously, through the noble work of Karl Rove (the modern day Josef Goebbels), the republican house members are GUARANTEED to eventually "come to their senses" and see things Bu$h's way. Just as they did with the NSA domestic spying. Rove simply had to threaten to blacklist every republican who had dared take a stand, feeble as it was, against Bu$h and his revolting spying program and OVERNIGHT they had changed their minds. And when these same patriotic, post 9/11 thinking politicians "ok" Bu$h's decision to allow the U.A.E. to control our ports you, too, will "come to your senses." Like good Germans. I simply cannot comprehend exactly WHAT this man has to do to make you realize he is a filthy, lying, corrupt criminal. Maybe you really ARE brainwashed.
George W. Bu$h and this entire administration are, quite frankly, greedy, egotistical pieces of shit. Any man who would trade the safety of his entire country in exchange for the almighty DOLLAR is beyond contempt. For four plus years you have been betting on this president to save us from the grasp of the muslim hordes. Every minute we are reminded that we are "safer" because Bu$h is president. You thanked the lord that Al Gore wasn't President (he was) when 9/11 happened. You were SURE John Kerry was weak on defense and that Bu$h was the ONLY man who could, and who supposedly HAD, kept us safe from that ever present threat of terrorism. "Democrats are weak on defense." How many times have I heard THAT mantra repeated? "George W. Bu$h will keep us safe!" And in order to ensure this safety, you lay down at his feet and surrendered your 4th amendment rights. And you did so with lightening speed.
So now it is revealed that Bu$h, who every day reminds us that we are engaged in a "war on terror" and that we must be ever so "vigilant," COMPLETELY contradicts every statement he and his filthy cronies have pounded into your heads day after day after day and allows, without requiring an EXTRA thorough investigation, an Arab GOVERNMENT RUN company to take control of six of our busiest seaports. Seaports where, we have been warned time and time again, a "dirty bomb" or a nuclear weapon could very well be imported onto our shores. And then he wants you to believe that he knew NOTHING of this deal until he read about it in the press. BULL.. SHIT, Bu$h. BULLSHIT!
In the last couple of days, we have seen the monetary connections to Bu$h and his corrupt administration come to light in regards to this Dubai Port Worlds deal. I am simply at a loss for words in describing my contempt, outrage and hatred for this entire administration and this president specifically. I really don't know what to say. This is, by FAR, the most corrupt, contemptuous, greedy, arrogant, DANGEROUS president in the 230 year history of the United States. This man will go down in history as the WORST president to ever hold office, and if other "issues" come to light in the future (see 9/11), we can add to this list the most criminal and murderous.
Bu$h has essentially destroyed our country (just look at the deficit, the number of jobs being outsourced, the wanton destruction of the environment to benefit his pals in the oil and chemical companies and the devaluation of the dollar as examples) and does not care. As long as when (IF) he leaves office he and his friends are richer than when he went in, they will be satisfied and will consider his presidency a successful one. Fuck everyone else, Bu$h will happily leave this country in financial ruins (hopefully that is the ONLY ruins we will be left in) and smile all the way to his offshore accounts. When the economy crashes and we are left in a stunning depression, neither Bu$h NOR his friends will be affected in any way whatsoever. You will.
In my last post, I questioned whether Bu$h's daddy's Carlyle Group was somehow involved in this Dubai port deal. Well low and behold!! Guess what country was a MAJOR INVESTOR in the Carlyle Group, investing $8 BILLION DOLLARS with them last year ALONE? If you guessed the U.A.E and Dubai Capital,you'd be CORRECT!!! Seems that over there in the U.A.E., the government runs nearly ALL the corporations, including the Dubai Ports World.
But the connections don't end there. Oh no, this man is too filthy to simply let it end there. Seems the CURRENT Secretary of the Treasury, John Snow, the man who had to sign off on this deal in order for it to go through, was the previous C.E.O. of a company called CSX. CSX was a shipping company and in February of 2004 (2 months after Snow left CSX for the Bu$h administration) CSX sold it's port operations in South America to.......DUBAI PORTS WORLD!!!!! (the rest of CSX operations were purchased by, who else, the Carlyle Group!) But Snow claims that, even though he had JUST LEFT CSX, he had NO IDEA that this BILLION DOLLAR deal was about to go down. BULLSHIT! CSX didn't just throw a billion dollar deal together and work out all the intricacies involved in 2 months.
But wait, it only gets BETTER! Snow had numerous stock options with CSX, worth $36 MILLION DOLLARS, that he wasn't allowed to cash out until the year 2014 or so (I don't feel like looking up the exact date right now, its irrelevant. Just know it isn't NOW and it isn't next year either) UNLESS (here it comes, folks!).......the company was completely sold off. Beautiful! So Snow is $36 MILLION dollars richer (CSX already paid him $69 million when he left) and has only Dubai Ports World to thank. And how did he thank them? Why by authorizing, the deal for the six American ports, that's how.
But the connections don't end there, either. Bu$h's recently appointed Maritime Administrator, David Sanborn, was a CEO at Dubai Ports World until VERY recently. Does the criminality and cronyism of this administration EVER end? Apparently not. All you reich-wingnuts who have, in the last few days, gotten your first look behind the veneer of your Commander and Thief and seen, if only for a fleeting moment, the man behind the curtain, wake up. Wake the hell up, for your own damn sake if for nothing else. Continue to chip away at what you have believed to be true, what they have FED to you like paralytic infants, for the last 4-plus years. This is your chance.
We have not been lying to you for all these years. We haven't been spinning the intelligence, the news and the truth like this administration and your beloved reich-wing talk show hosts. You who were angered by this port deal just got a very small glimpse into the lives of we "left wingers." THIS is why we are so angry all the time. THIS is why you call us "left wing loons" or "leftists." THIS is why we hate George W. Bu$h, why we attend protests and marches. Why we stand outside with signs protesting this man and his selfish, irresponsible decisions. Why we scream at the television or dive for the remote every time his voice is heard scaremongering or flat out lying. THIS is why I have bumperstickers on my car and my inbox is flooded every morning with newsletters and requests for action from other AWARE, concerned groups. THIS is why my american flag is hung upside down, signaling a country in distress, and will not be righted until this man is out of office. THIS is why I am strongly considering making a move to Canada before the shit REALLY hits the fan. THIS is why I have NO republican friends and refuse to intentionally speak to a republican. And THIS is why I have high goddamn bloodpressure. Welcome to the real world.