Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Selling Our Security. Again.

"You're either with us or against us in the fight against terror."
- George W. Bu$h, November 2001
Strange that Bu$h would make the above comment a mere 4 years ago and yet TODAY he's more than willing (he's anxious, in fact) to allow our sea ports to be taken over by the United Arab Emerates (U.A.E.). Here's why I find that so strange. Wasn't it Bu$h who confidently assured us that it was, in fact, the U.A.E. who supplied the funding, through their banks, for the terrorists who supposedly attacked us on 9/11, or has Bu$h forgotten all the intricate details to his huge lie? Did he forget that the U.A.E. was involved in surreptitiously shipping nuclear equipment to Libya, North Korea and our number one NEW enemy (and next on our hit list) Iran? Aren't two of the supposed 9/11 hijackers ALSO from the U.A.E.? Didn't the U.A.E. recognize Hamas as a "legitimate" organization (that's always a sign, at least according to Faux News, that another country is DANGEROUS.) Sounds to me that the U.A.E is most certainly "against us" in Bu$h's "war on terror." Don't you agree?
So why was it that today Bu$h declared that the "deal was done" and that he would VETO any bill passed through congress that attempted to overturn the "done deal?" Has Bu$h gone madder than usual? No. I believe he's perfectly sane. An idiot and an alcoholic, hula-jawed freak, but sane. But why would Bu$h be so set on allowing the U.A.E. to take over SIX of our busiest ports, while nearly every single member of the House and nearly every American citizen agree that this is a "really bad idea?" Cuz somehow, somewhere he, or one of his ultra rich cronies, MUST be making money off it. That is the ONLY reason Bu$h ever does anything. It's all about money. Somewhere in this little transaction is someone, or a group of people (The Carlyle Group, maybe?), who are gonna make a shit-load of money off this deal, Americans safety be damned!
For almost 5 years we have had the threat of terrorism held over our heads like a freshly sharpened guillotine hanging from a frayed cord. Day after day after day we are subjected to increased terror threats, bomb "threats," the information that another imminent terrorist attack was stopped because of Bu$h's vigilance. We lustily went after a country that never attacked us cuz they shoved lies about weapons of mass destruction down our throats and sent you running for plastic sheeting and bottled water. We were told to keep our "eyes out" for any terrorist or "suspicious" activity and to report it immediately. We are reminded every single time Bu$h opens his mouth that we were attacked on 9/11 and that another attack could happen any day. Osama Bin Laden just happens to "release" audio tapes whenever it is convenient for this administration, threatening us with suffering that we couldn't even begin to imagine and sending us scurrying back into our bomb shelters. And worst of all, we allowed our civil rights to be stripped from us in the hopes that the scary terrorist may just be kept at bay for one more day. We allowed this man to negate parts of our Constitution so our pathetic cowardly asses could continue to believe that our great, patriotic president was keeping us safe. Which is why this whole deal smells very bad. Something is rotten in Denmark.
So the day finally comes when an actual threat presents itself. A country that supposedly helped bankroll the attacks against us on 9/11 and whose citizens were supposedly actively involved in the acts of that day....this very same country NOW wants to take over control of six of our biggest sea ports, and Bu$h has no problem with this??? In fact, he is TOO willing to allow this transaction to succeed. And here lies the problem.
How many times have we been told that a nuclear bomb or a dirty bomb could possibly be smuggled into this country via our ports? That is was nearly impossible to search every single container coming ashore? How many times did they remind us that port security was a number one priority on their list? Well, now that day has come and what does the mighty anti-terror warrior Bu$h do? Does he immediately negate the deal and declare that Americas safety and security is tantamount (as they have been shoving down our throats for the past 4 + years) and that this deal will NOT be allowed to go through? Does he reassure the American people that he is, indeed, the "security President" and declare that only American companies may be in control of our ports? NO. Bu$h has decided that this deal is safe and that it may proceed without interference from the government. If the U.A.E. is so safe and reliable and Bu$h feels he can trust them with OUR security, then why doesn't Bu$h allow the U.A.E. to take over HIS Secrect Service coningent. Why not they're safe, right?
This man has proven himself a liar with every word he has ever spoken and with every action he has ever taken. I believe not one word to drop from his mouth. If Bu$h correctly guessed my age, I would have myself carbon dated just to double check. So when he says that this deal is safe, I simply don't believe him. Plain and simple. I don't believe him. Why is Bu$h so fast to come out with the statement that he will veto any bill congress passes to stop the deal? What is this administration up to now? Someone friendly with this group of criminals in the White House is set to benefit from this deal. Just wait and see, I guarantee it.
Now reich-wingers are all up in arms. Why now? Why has it taken you THIS LONG and why THIS TOPIC? Is it that you republican idiots are all so narcissistic that the threat actually had to produce itself on your lousy doorstep in order for you to become outraged? You weren't pissed before cuz you felt that somehow the "war" in Iraq DIDN'T affect you? That the destruction of our natural resources and our environment somehow DIDN'T affect you? The $8 TRILLION DOLLAR debt DOESN'T affect you either, I suppose? This president (YOUR president) has been lying to us nonstop since day one. You have simply chosen to keep your eyes shut and to cover your ears. You blind followers of this man and his administration are vile. You are no better than the sycophantic freaks who stood en masse at the Nuremberg rallies in the early mid 30's, cheering blindly as an insane murderous liar spelled out for them their coming destruction. It's too late for you to wake up now and feign outrage and horror. This is where YOU have brought us to and whatever happens to us is on YOUR shoulders. It's too late to jump in the fight, you have fired too many shots for the other side. This is YOUR president, and YOU must accept his decisions. Isn't that what you've been telling US for the last 5 years?