Monday, February 06, 2006

Point Proven
I would like to thank all those completely normal Muslim psychopaths, whom we are supposed to accept and "understand", for making this cartoonists point for him. He insinuated with the above cartoon that the religion of Islam is a violent one, and in order to prove him WRONG, the religiously insane Muslims around the world declare a fatwah against the cartoonist and the Danish people, burn embassies, riot and threaten other human beings with death. Thus verifying the cartoonists assertation that the religion of Islam is violent AND dangerous.
Oh, am I supposed to accept these insane actions by these insane individuals? Am I supposed to give them a pass simply cuz they are Muslims and we are supposed to accept their vile "religion"(cult) and step lightly around them? Am I supposed to call for censorship of the media cuz these psychos can't handle the truth? I think not. Would I be asked to do the same if the religion in question was Christianity? Would I be expected to walk on eggshells cuz the Christians were upset? Would christo-fascists burn down embassies and threaten death to the cartoonist who DARED to "insult" Jesus? I doubt it, and you already know my feelings on Christo-fascists...I hate them. Muslims are violent. Period. And don't you dare give me the mantra of "not all Muslims are violent, these are the extremists." If that is true, then where are all those millions of supposed "normal" Muslims who disparage such activity? Where were they when their brethren were involved in the 9/11 attacks against this country? Did they burn down their own embassies everytime some maniac got on a bus in Israel and blew it to shit? Did they speak up en mass and demand the culprits be brought to justice? Did they take to the streets in protest? Did they scream of the foul injustice and violence when innocent men and women were beheaded and their atrocious deaths shown on their "news" outlets? Hahahaha. Of course not. This supposed "majority" was silent. Either silent or non-existent. I choose the latter. Where are the great moral non-violent Muslims speaking out against the use of suicide attacks and beheadings perpetrated in their name? They don't exist.
Under no circumstances should any media outlet cowtow to these hyper-religious freaks. If so, then their violent tactics have succeeded. Print whatever you want about any religion. Not doing so shows that violence wins out. Censorship in regards to one religion or one group of individuals on the grounds that they are "sensitive" is preposterous. And dangerous. If we show them that violence will get them their desired result then everyone will revert to violent tactics to get their way. If you can't take it, don't fucking read it. Or protest outside the offices of the "offending" institution. Declare a boycott on their newpapers. Start a campaign of letter writing. But don't burn and riot and threaten peoples lives over a drawing. In doing so, you have proved to the world that the cartoonist was RIGHT.
When the artist Andres Serranos (spelling)displayed his work "Piss Christ" which was a crucifix submerged in a jar of urine, did the Christians try to kill Serranos and the directors of the art houses who DARED display his work? No. They raised hell, they bitched and screamed but did they KILL anyone? Did they burn down the museums that displayed his work? No. But they DID protest outside and wrote letters of objection. But never did they regress to worldwide violence. Never. And I hate christo-fascists, don't be mistaken in thinking that I'm showing favoritism. I'm not. I'm simply stating the reality of the situation.

It was expected that Bu$h would decry the "Mohammed cartoon" and state that it should be withdrawn and apologies given. Of course he would, this man and his followers favor censorship of the media in THIS country so why shouldn't the same go for the countries that he considers (or, in reality, DOESN'T consider at all) subpar to his great America? And Bu$h and his oil saturated cronies wouldn't DARE be caught defending a journalist who offended the religion of the family who gives him and his rich friends BILLIONS in oil revenue every year, would he? Just like NOTHING was said to the Saudi's after it was revealed that 15 of the 19 highjackers on 9/11 were supposedly from Saudi Arabia. Nothing was uttered in regards to Osama Bin Laden, Bush's supposed"public enemy #1" being of Saudi origin, having familial ties to the Saudi Royal family and that same family financing Bin Laden and his "adventures." No, instead Bu$h invades Iraq, a country that had not one minute involvement in 9/11. So it's no surprise that Bu$h would call for censorship against any outlet that would somehow offend his dear friends, the Saudi's. What a complete fucking joke. Bu$h is their bitch.

So I say print whatever you like. Are the Muslims upset cuz they don't like seeing the truth about their religion so blatantly flashed around the world? If so, then they need to open their eyes and see that their own actions are causing such cartoons to be printed. If you don't like the negative press being given your religion (cult), change your ways so that catroons such as the one above are no longer relevant. Otherwise, as long as you continue bombing and beheading innocent people, you must accept the rightly deserved negative press you shall receive.

Religion is the most dangerous invention man has ever come up with and it is my personal belief that ALL religion should be outlawed. The world may be a better place.