Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Guillotine, Gallows or Burn at the Stake?
At a time when our country is at war, who do these people(read LEFTISTS) think they are questioning the authority of our president?
- Sean Hannity, today around 3:30pm
Yeah, this coiffed pussy actually said that today as I was heading back from the post office. But nothing the likes of Hannity of Limbaugh (drug addict) say is really surprising to me. Hannity is apparently MORE than willing to sacrifice his civil rights at the feet of his master, Bu$h, cuz he is a coward. As are ALL Americans who are willing to sacrifice even one IOTA of their civil liberties in the name of "security." What do you really expect to happen? Do you think that the Muslims will somehow take over this entire country and proceed to cut the heads off of every single non-believer? That's a fucking hell of a lot of people. Let's see, there are 300 million people in this country. They would have to storm our shores with a billion people. Do you really think that's possible? So what exactly is it that you fear? A car bomb? A suicide bomber while you're wasting time at the mall? A chemical attack that would somehow blanket the entire country and kill every living creature (impossible)? You have a better chance of dying in a car wreck or from cancer or heart disease.
You cannot go around scared of the "what-if's" all the time! And you cannot let these fascists, whose sole goal is to take away your rights and thus enable them to take over our country, scare you into submission! If a terrorist attack is going to happen, it's going to happen. Live with that knowledge. But don't let your entire life be ruled by fear! Do you wake up everyday and think that today may be the day you blow and aneurysm or drop over from a heart attack? I bet those thoughts don't even cross your mind. But you cower in terror at the thought of a terrorist attack that may occur 3,000 miles away from you IF IT HAPPENS AT ALL.
My personal belief? Yes, there will be other terrorist attacks in this country, but there is nothing the government, or anyone for that matter, can do to stop them. And I'm not going to give up all my rights in the interim. As I've pointed out before, if one or two people get the bright idea to load themselves up with explosives and take a stroll into the local mall or buy an assault rifle (legal to purchase!) and shoot a bunch of people, unless they broadcast it, you cannot stop them. I don't care how "good" the Department of Homeland Security is (and we've already seen them in action during hurricane Katrina). If Israel cannot stop suicide bombers, then there is no way whatsoever that a country the size of America is going to be able to stop them. But if you let the government take away our rights for this false assumption of safety, then the "terrorists" have won. They never have to attack us ever again. They have achieved their goal....they have destroyed the Great Satan, for this country is NOTHING without our Constitution and the rights afforded to us within it. Without our constitution, we are no different from any other country on the planet.
But these cowardly pricks such as Sean Hannity do all they can to ramp up the rhetoric and scare the shit outta the sheeople. The only thing Hannity fears is 1)some black guy fucking his daughter 2) suddenly becoming poor and having to live like the rest of us low life miscreants, and 3)not having the imminent threat of TERROR to scare his listeners with. He lives off this fear, literally. Do you think they would pay him MILLIONS of dollars every year if he spoke the TRUTH and didn't get his listening audience in a fear induced lather every day? He lives off your ability to frighten so easily. It's quite sad. Oh and I forgot, 4) someone finding that tape of him sucking Bu$h's dick.
So today (on the way back from the post office) I was thinking to myself "When the people FINALLY rise up and the revolution takes hold, what will be the best way to eliminate the likes of Hannity and Limbaugh and O'Reilly, traitors to America and to the American people?" So I first thought of the guillotine. We, the people, could build a huge guillotine on the Mall in DC and cart in these reich-wing traitors on a horsedrawn wagon (for the effect), hoist em on up to the jeers of the crowd (people would have to throw shit at em too, it would make the atmosphere livlier) and chop their fucking heads off. Then the executioner could hold up their disgusting heads and the crowd would roar. But that would be too kind. It would be over too fast and it wouldn't hurt, the blade is too sharp.
Then I thought of burning them at the stake. That would be good. They would cry and whine and generally act like the bitches they are as we (the people) piled up the kindling beneath their feet. Then someone would douse them with lighter fluid and toss in a match. Watching them scream and burn would make my heart skip a beat with pure, unadulterated, JOY. But burning someone at the stake is kinda messy, and we (the people) would have to clean up afterwards. Plus, it would burn a black spot in the Mall that would ruin the grass.
So I decided that hanging their vile asses from the gallows would be our best bet. Building gallows isn't too hard and the rope can be obtained just about anywhere. We (the people) can make the gallows as long as we want so we can hang as many as these bastards as possibile at once. We (the people) wouldn't be too concerned about proper noose assembly either, let em hang there and strangle to death. They deserve it. Maybe I'd even pack a lunch.