Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Anyone Seen My Post?

Hello, has anyone seen the post I wrote before the one titled "Point Proven?" It started with a picture of Dick Cheney and had the quote "Crying for the death of your heart" by the Cure under it? It had to do with the PBS show NOW and how Colin Powell's former Chief of Staff, Lawrence Wilkerson, admitted that he and Powell had LIED (no shit) to the American people (after being strong armed by Cheney, who I believe I referred to as the Devil incarnate), the UN and the world when Powell gave his infamous speech to at UN where he held up the vial of "anthrax" and pointed to supposed reconnaissance photos of Iraqi mobile chemical labs? Remember that post? Well it's gone. Disappeared. Vanished.

I signed on to do my post today where I was going to pray for the death of Sean Hannity (that's my new plan....praying for the deaths of those I loath. I figure if it's good enough for Pat Robertson and his psychotic christo-fascist followers than it's good enough for moi) and went back to reread some of my previous posts and discovered, to my utmost dismay, that my Dick Cheney post (titled CONSPIRATOR) was not only missing, but completely erased from Blogger.com. I checked the blogger dashboard to see if I had somehow mistakenly "saved as draft" instead of posting it but alas, it was gone (I always read them after I post them so I know it WAS there after I wrote it.) Now it exists nowhere. It was removed. Bastards (And I didn't even consider that post very vicious. It was rather bland, to tell you the truth.)

**I am not trying to insinuate that the administrators at Blogger.com removed my post. If they were looking to censor me, they could have removed numerous previous posts. I fear more sinister forces are at play (scary music fade in here).