Thursday, January 12, 2006

"When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross."
- Sinclair Lewis
Right wing wunderkin Wolf Blitzer tonight declared that "Liberals are out of step with the American people." You're goddamn right I, and the other 50% of Amerca that doesn't have their heads shoved securely up their tight asses, are out of step with you goose stepping idiots. As you happily march down the parade route to infamy, legs kicking high, chests stuck out proudly, arms stiff at your side and swinging in unison with your steps, we OTHER Americans ducked out before the march even started.
When the patriotic music started playing and the masses gathered in marching formation, we ran down alleys, hid behind cars and crawled on our bellies in the other direction. Praying not to be seen, we swiftly slid into storefronts then ran out the back door. We hid in basements and under beds. We built hiding spots in our homes and remained in there, silent as a mouse in the dark, sweating and staring into nothing, listening for the footsteps of our pursuers (YOU).
Those who choose not to join your march towards infamy are NOT to be vilified as unpatriotic. WE are the real Americans. WE are the same people who resisted the King of England when they came marching through Boston. Outnumbered and outgunned, we fought back with the only thing we had at our disposal....pride and love for our new country. WE are the same people who lay hidden behind that famous hill, waiting patiently to "see the whites of their eyes." And that's precisely what we're are doing now. We are waiting. Waiting for you to come.
Right now, we peek out shuttered windows and drawn curtains and watch you march by. We cringe at the sound of your boots striking the pavement, causing the unforgettable reverberating sound of an oncoming storm. That thunderous sound engulfs us in our homes and in our hiding places. We pray that you will simply pass by on your march to infamy, hoping against hope that you will leave us be, that you won't try to drag us kicking and screaming along that path with you. But we know that our desperate pleas will go unheard. You are coming for us. So we wait, wait until the hordes of marching sheep get so close that we can feel your hot breath upon us, until we can see the whites of your eyes.