Saturday, January 21, 2006

If you die when there's no one watching and your ratings drop and you're forgotten If they kill you on their TV You're a martyr and a lamb of God. Nothings going to change the world.
- Marilyn Manson
How convenient that Osama Bin Laden just happened to come out with another audio tape, once again threatening our destruction and sending Americans scurrying into their caves to shudder in fear. Who is actually worried about dying in a terrorist attack? Really, what are your chances? Everytime you get behind the wheel of your automobile you have a significantly better chance of dying than getting caught in a terrorist attack. Yet you run to the store and stock up on duct tape and plastic sheeting to protect yourselves from the looming threat of a chemical attack. You purchase potassium iodide to protect your thyroid from a nuclear attack. You buy gas masks to shield yourself from not only a chemical attack but a nuclear attack as well. What is a gas mask gonna do for you in case of a nuclear explosion? Nothing more that maybe preserve a few of your facial features for identification. Or melt into your skin. Take your pick. But you don't wear your seatbelt in the car, do you? I bet you don't. And do you smoke? That will definitely kill you before a terrorist gets a chance to take you out. Americans amaze with with their hypocrisy and ignorance.
So "Bin Laden" is gonna strike again, huh? You Bu$h supporters should be asking yourselves "why is this man still ALIVE to threaten us with more attacks?" Wasn't he supposedly our number one priority after 9/11? Wasn't Bu$h gonna hunt him down til the ends of the earth? Didn't he want Bin Laden's head brought to him in a box? Instead of going after the man who was actively involved in the attacks on 9/11, Bu$h completely forgot about him and instead, invaded a country that had NOTHING to do with 9/11. See a problem here? Anyone who supports Bu$h should keep their fucking mouths shut whenever "Bin Laden" puts out another one of his tapped messages. The reason he is STILL able to threaten us and to send you idiots running to the hardware store is because of YOUR complicity in ignoring the real threat and invading Iraq. Whatever he does to you, you deserve it.
However, I don't believe for a second this this tape is legitimate. So the fuck what if the CIA said it WAS his voice? They don't lie, do they? They CERTAINLY aren't in the back pocket of these Nazi's who have taken over our country. They would NEVER do something like that. I'm sure. Your belief that these people are honest is what got us into this mess in the first place. Know this......the government lies. To YOU! Yes, even to you republican lunatics. They lie to you. Just like they made up that phony letter SUPPOSEDLY from Al-Zawahiri (I have already discussed this in a previous post), they are putting out fake Bin Laden tapes. They have been for a while. This man has been dead for quite some time, and Bu$h had nothing to do with it.
Why would Bu$h want Bin Laden dead? He, Bin Laden, is the ultimate Bogeyman for you terrified American idiots. If the bogeyman was dead, if the threat of an "imminent nuclear strike" was suddenly removed from the table, what could these criminal Nazi's haul outta the closet and hold over your gullible heads whenever Bu$h's poll numbers dropped or they needed a reason to take your focus off another instance of them destroying our Constitutional rights? How convenient that this tape was "released" just as the Alito confirmation is coming to a head; the Abramoff scandal is preparing to shine the light of corruption on every single Republican house member; right after we shot a missle into a soverign country (Pakistan) and killed 18 of their civilians (can you imagine if THEY had done that to US? You reich wing idiots would be shitting your fucking pants) and on the SAME DAY that Alberto Gonzales and his fascist Justice Department come out with the statement that Bu$h has the power to do anything he wants because we are at war and that they don't care WHAT the Supreme Court says, they will spy on us and search us and IGNORE our Constitutional rights because they SAID SO. Because they claim Bu$h has the power to do so. Incredible.
And you drones are more than willing to sacrifice your rights at the alter of fascism cuz of your ridiculous fear of an ever impending terrorist attack. You are not Americans. You are cowards and you are weak. You don't deserve to live in my country. To be ruled by fear that is being forced upon you by your OWN government? What kind of a sickness is that? Are we truly in more danger now than we were in the 1770's when the British Army was marching through our cities and quartering their soldiers in our homes? When we Americans had a mere toehold on this continent and a threat from a massive imperial army was threatening to drive us into the sea? How about in the 1860's when the country was literally fighting itself, brother against brother, father against son. Are we in more danger now than in the 1940's when Adolf Hitler and his extermination camps threatened the entire world? What about during the Cold War when the United States and The Soviet Union each had 10,000 nuclear weapons pointed at each other? Is Mutually Assured Destruction somehow less terrifying, less devestating to the American people than a suicide bomber? No, we are not in more danger now and to think we are shows how truly ignorant of our history you are. We have simply become a weaker citizenry. We have become a nation of cowards, subservient to these maniacs who have ripped the power FROM the people and now use that power AGAINST the people. Fear is a weapon, and it is being used against you to render you impotent. And it's working.
Osama Bin Laden is dead. The real enemy, the real terrorist and the real threat to this country (to YOU) comes NOT from the Middle East. Instead, it comes from our seats of government and from those with unchecked power over the people. It comes from Big Business and the power we allow them to wield over us. We cannot prevent another terrorist attack in this country and another attack is inevitable. We must live with that fact. The world is a different place and the rules of engagement have apparently changed (whether the all powerful America agrees with those rules or not. We no longer rule the world.)But we cannot, as a result, go around frozen in terror and hiding in our basements. If Israel, a country the size of Rhode Island, cannot protect their people from the threat of suicide bombers, there is NOTHING we can do here. If some lone nut job or a group of crazed religious maniacs who have told nobody else of their plans wishes to load themselves up with explosives and enter a mall or arm themselves with rapid fire machine guns, they are unstoppable. This country is too big.
So instead of quivering in fear and paralyzing ourselves with thoughts of "what if" why don't we instead focus our energies on the people who are ALLOWING these fears to take over our country. Who are ENCOURAGING these fears, knowing well and good that a fearful American public will not protest the repealing of their rights if they believe (falsely) that it will somehow "protect them" from the boogey man. Fear is destroying this country. "Bin Laden" never has to attack us ever again. He has succeeded in ONE STRIKE with destroying the United States of America.