Wednesday, January 04, 2006

You've gotta die, gotta die, gotta die for your government.
- Anti-Flag
I've returned from a self induced media blackout. I was finding that I was unable to control myself and was openly insulting reich-wingers in public places. Not that there's anything wrong with that. If I saw some idiot with "SS" tattooed on their neck (and I have) I would feel compelled to tell them what an idiot they were. Same goes for these reich-wingers. Someone needs to tell them just how wrong and brainwashed they are. And I found myself doing just that. But in so doing, I developed high blood pressure and for someone of such a relatively young age, that was not good. So I went along for a month without paying any attention to politics to see how most Americans get by. To see if it was really that much more enjoyable to be "out of touch." To focus soley on myself and the social lives of my friends and family. It was horrible. So I'm back, anger induced hypertension and all.
Yesterday, I hear about Abramoff and his plea deal with the government. Seems tough old Abramoff, full of balls and swagger, when faced with 30 years in prison turned into the reich pussy that I expected and turned states evidence. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Good. I cannot wait to see who he brings down with him. Both republicans and democrats alike. It's gonna be a feeding frenzy down there in Washington. That is, if he makes it.
I saw on the news yesterday a shot of the Mafia don (that's who he thinks he is, isn't it? I mean, he was wearing the whole uniform of a mobster with the black trenchcoat and the black fedora) coming out of the courthouse and getting into a car. First I laughed cuz I thought to myself, this self sanctified prick really DOES think he's some untouchable mob member. A wise guy. A Good fella. What a fool. But then it struck me that like MOST mob guys faced with serious prison time he did the only thing he knew how to do: save his own ass and become a rat. A stoolie. And everyone knows what happens to the "rat."
Except for this isn't the Italian Mafia this guy is gonna rat out. No, the guys this asshole is gonna turn states evidence on are some of the most powerful people in the country and they don't have to worry about the government coming down on them. They ARE the government. So I fear that good ole' Jack really is a dead man. Would Hitler (Bu$h's hero) have allowed a former party member to blab all their secrets all over Europe? Not a chance. The Gestapo would have had a hard-on waiting to get their hands on the guy. And I fear the same thing is repeating itself here in this country.
And who's gonna investigate Abramoff's untimely demise? The same group of Bu$h appointed loyalists who "investigated" what occured on 9/11 and then printed that charade "9/11 Report?" Abramoff is a dead man. As I saw him enter that car yesterday I said to myself "Gee, I sure hope he drives carefully. I wouldn't want to hear their star witness had had a fatal traffic accident and driven off a cliff." And when I went to visit my mom today (who is slowly learning) she said the same thing to me without being prompted. We both sat in her kitchen eating sandwiches and hoping poor ole' Jack didn't have an "accident" or decide one fine day to up and "kill himself."
On the way home from her house I tortured myself and listened to that reich mouthpiece Michael Medved who apparently had had a few dinners with Abramoff in the past and decided to inform his rapt listening audience that he had "never received money " from Abramoff. Who the fuck cares, Medved? Nobody is interested in you. NOBODY. You don't even register on the governments screens except when they need a cock-boy to suck down a few lines of their bullshit rhetoric and regurgitate it back on the faces of your moronic audience. Medved then proceeded to say how "bad" he felt for Abramoff and that the man would have to "pay back $27 million dollars and $1.7 million in unpaid taxes" and that this poor benighted soul would have to spend "quite possibly 9 years in prison." Well BOO FUCKING HOO!!!!!! BOO HOO! Dry my tears you stupid shit. Give me a fucking break. Let's start a relief fund for Abramoff. Fuck the Sudan or whatever other cause you donate too. Let's focus all our attention on this poor man and his righteous cause. I'm sure he is now destitute. To be left on the streets after his 9 year federal stint without a dime to his name. Homeless and hungry. How he afforded his $500 dollar an hour lawyer one will never know.
So Jack, I'm afraid that the government that you have so loyally served for all these long years is gonna turn on you like they do everyone who questions them or DARES to point out their unethical, illegal and vile behavior. I fear you aren't gonna make it to serve those 9 years you have so carefully bargained for. Drive carefully Jack. And whatever you do, don't go fishing on any lakes in Nevada and don't stop at any tollbooths. They're gunning for you, Jack. Dead man walking. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Idiot.
He ain’t a crook son, he’s just a shook one
- Mobb Deep