Monday, December 05, 2005

The War on CHRISTmas
Ya know, it's nice that there is nothing else going on in the world. Good thing that AIDS isn't ravaging the continent of Africa. That we're living in peaceful times and aren't at war. That people in our OWN country aren't starving. We're lucky that the Chinese don't own nearly ALL of our debt and that the North Koreans don't have any nuclear weapons. Thank the LORD that the billion or so muslims around the world all love us and aren't prone to using extreme violence to get their point across. Thank GOD that our government is run by sane, humanity loving, anti-war doves.
I'm happy that everyone in our country is employed, that NOBODY goes without healthcare and that our environment is being protected from destruction by the chemical and oil companies. It's reassuring to know that none of this is currently happening so that we Americans can focus all of our energies and outrage on the WAR ON CHRISTMAS.
Because if it weren't, if we WERE somehow engaged in a WAR with a country that never attacked us, that we had no exit plan to EVER get out of and we had lost 2,100 and COUNTING fellow young Americans.....if this country HAD been taken over by evil criminals and psychopaths and was being intentionally BANKRUPTED in order to line the coffers of their cronies.....if our environment WAS being systematically raped, and yet we STILL focused all of our time on the WAR ON CHRISTMAS...then I would simply go insane.