Thursday, December 01, 2005

You want to save the world?I can tell you what to do!You want to end terror?This solution is for you!Answer the call up join the proud the few.Pull on the trigger with your heart and soulCause war is peace now we know.
Join now! Don't wait! Make death, Your date!!!Salute and fight! Fight for the wealthof the few! wrapped in a flag and sold to you.Sold as Freedom it's up to you to see through lies by those who've led us to endless world strife. What this world needs is something new!What this world needs right now is you!Any dumbfuck can murder kill, kill, kill!!!
- Anti-Flag
I had to travel through 4 states this Thanksgiving to get to my final destination. I took all major roadways. It was packed. A trip that should have taken 5 hours took 8. I could have gotten to my place in Canada faster. So I'm sitting in traffic that was moving often at a snails pace, when and I began to notice all the yellow ribbon magnets on the back of peoples cars, especially on the SUV's. "Support the Troops" "Proud American" "Freedom Isn't Free." I wanted to start shooting at these dipshits. I really did. If I had been armed, you all may have heard about a road rage incident on the east coast.
What the fuck do those magnets signify? That you really do support the troops? How? What have YOU sacrificed in order to show this support, aside from the $1.75 that magnet cost you? Is that the extent of your support? You layed down a whopping $1.75 (none of which went to supplying the soldiers with vests or armor for their vehicles. It all went into the pockets of some corporate conglomerate) stepped outside and carefully affixed this meaningless yellow magnet on the back of your car. Did you have a fucking ceremony for this important magnet attachment? Did your heart beat proud, blue american blood as you made sure the magnet was perfectly straight and in the exact right place? Did you have an honor guard standing behind you who ripped off a 21 gun salute as you stepped back proudly from the rear of your vehicle to view your handiwork? Did you think of all the dead kids being brought back to this soil under the cover of darkness? The bodies you and your patriotic neighbors are afraid to see and don't admit exist? You're an idiot.
How does a fucking yellow magnet make you any more patriotic than the next person? I love the cars I see sporting BOTH the fucking yellow magnet and the Bu$h '04 sticker. You should have a "Kill Our Troops" magnet if you're gonna vote for the individual sending them to their deaths. What a dichotomy. Why not sport both a Swastika and a Star of David on your vehicle, that makes about the same amount of sense.
Exactly what are you doing to support our soldiers in Iraq. I bet nothing. Nothing more than the stupid yellow magnet. Are you sending money to pay for their armor? No. Are you sending them armored vests that you bought yourself? No. Are you driving less and trading in your gas guzzling SUV for a more fuel efficient vehicle in order to cut down on our dependence on foreign oil? Hahahahaha!! NO. Are you getting involved in political groups that want to bring these boys home safely? Absolutely not. You're busy, right? Are you voting for Bu$h who cannot even provide these kids with a timetable for withdrawal? Who wants to keep them over there forever (someone's gotta guard the oil fields!), who cant provide them with the equipment necessary for their safety and survival, who has not attended ONE... SINGLE funeral for the soldiers he claims to care so much about? YES.
And you think of yourself as a patriot. You're not. You're a fucking fool who considers a magnet on the back of their car as the extent of their duty
to this country. You have not sacrificed SHIT for this "war" you so PROUDLY support. NOTHING. You have given NOTHING. While you're busy making sure your magnet is straight, other peoples children are coming home in pieces. Are being shot to shit. Are losing their legs, arms, eyes and sanity. YOU have lost nothing, YOU refuse to sacrifice anything. And YOUR kid is next. I simply cannot wait.