Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Resistance Fighter
or terrorist?

They say the rebels in Iraq still fight for Saddam, but that's bullshit, I'll show you why it's totally wrong. Cuz if another country invaded the hood tonight, it'd be warfare through Harlem, and Washington Heights. I wouldn't be fightin for Bush or White America's dream, I'd be fightin' for my people's survival and self-esteem. I wouldn't fight for racist churches from the south, my nigga, I'd be fightin to keep the occupation out, my nigga. You ever clock someone who talk shit, or look at you wrong? Imagine if they shot at you, and was rapin' your moms. And of course Saddam Hussein had chemical weapons, we sold him that shit, after Ronald Reagan's election. Mercenary contractors fightin a new era. Corporate military bankin' off the war on terror

- Immortal Technique

Why is it that Bu$h, Rumsfeld, Cheney and every news outlet in this country continue to refer to the individuals in Iraq defending their country from our occupying forces, as terrorists? Sure, there are evil men over there who fit the word "terrorist." Men like Zarqawi who BEHEAD innocent civilians. But the majority of the strife occuring over there is being perpetrated not by sick animals like Zarqawi, bent on ridding the world of all christians and jews, the majority of the attacks in Iraq are being perpetrated by regular people, people who simply want their country freed from what THEY feel is an unfair, violent oppressor. People like you and me but raised in a different culture where things never considered acceptable to us are the norm.

Just because it's OUR country that has invaded Iraq doesn't make it right. What, you think that just beause it's the allmighty AMERICANS, defenders of freedom, who are occupying this country that the Iraqis should welcome us with open arms? That they SHOULDN'T resist their occupiers? What utter arrogance on our part. America does NOT rule the world, even though we think we do.We are NOT the worlds police, even though we'd like to believe we are. And we are NOT welcome in every country in the world, and our military is NOT wanted to intervene everywhere there is a dictator or government that we don't agree with. Just because it is we Americans over in Iraq does NOT mean that they should lay down at our feet and submit. I'm sorry, but it doesn't.

I don't necessarily agree with the tactics of the resistance fighters, especially their killing of innocent civilians, but I can understand (on some level) why they are doing it. And their use of suicide bombers? Well what else do they have to fight back with? They have no tanks, no airplanes, no helicopters. All they have are some rifles, some RPG's, some improvised explosives and belief system that we will never understand . As crazy as it seems to us, it's all they have. And who are WE to tell them how to fight back? Are there laws somewhere that I missed? White phosphorus, MP77 (napalm), high caliber machine guns and gattling guns are ok? Bombing civilians to get to a few "insurgents" is acceptable, but blowing yourself up, firing a rocket propelled grenade at a tank or planting an IED is WRONG? By whose standards? Oh I know....ours.

"What about Saddam Hussein? These ungrateful animals aren't thanking us. We got rid of a dictator who killed a million of their own countrymen and now they are killing us?" Yes. Great, we rid the world of a bad guy, but now it's time to leave. We are not wanted there. Why can we not understand this? Why are Americans unable to accept the reality that NOT EVERYONE IN THE WORLD LOVES US? Not everyone wants to be just like us. This is a muslim country we are occupying. We are predominantly christian. They hate us, that's just the way it is. It's been like this since the beginning of time, one good deed will not change this. Besides, they never asked us to invade them and rid them of Saddam Hussein and we were not attacked by their country, we simply took it upon ourselves to alter forever the lives of the people in Iraq. That seems pretty haughty to me.

What if this country was invaded by China (which could very well happen one day, especially if they call in their loans and we refuse to pay because we CAN'T...this country is broke, you understand that, don't you? Everything we have now is borrowed from either China or Saudi Arabia. We are literally living on borrowed time.)Would we sit on our asses and let them shoot us in the streets, bomb our cities and kill our friends and families? I certainly hope not, yet I fear that many of you who talk big now would cower in your closets like the cowards that you are at heart when the bullets start flying and the mortars start falling. All talk, but when you need to actually put those words to action, you'd back down and submit to subjugation.

Would we allow them to install a puppet government, one that was basically SET UP by them and governed by their puppet masters? Would we care if this new government was an oppressive theocracy? Something we here in America have YET to experience fully (much like in Iraq. Under Saddam, they were not living under an oppressive theocratic government. The women weren't "possessions" of the men and forced to veil themselves. The held good jobs, they were doctors, lawyers, etc. They were a SECULAR society. Not for much longer after this new "government" is installed.)

Would we happily sit back and allow our natural resources to be stolen and our companies taken over by the Chinese companies and all the profits from these companies shipped over to China? What side would Faux News take, I wonder? Would they extol the virtues of this new regime? Would they declare all who resisted were terrorists? Would Bill O'Reilly sport a red star on his jacket every night while preaching how wonderful this new government is and how we should happily lay down before the people who had killed our friends and families, accepting their rule without question? Would he call for the hanging or execution of those who opposed the Chinese? What do you think?

For some strange reason, I think Faux would do JUST that. The proud Americans that they claim to be are nothing more than corporate, money thirsty whores whose allegiance is to whatever individual, administration or REGIME currently holds the power. They are cowards who are hiding behind the comfortable shield of Rupert Murdoch and his billions. I believe Murdoch would QUICKLY cozy up to the Chinese in the hopes of making billions of more dollars off our occupation, probably helping them to track down the dissenters, the "terrorists" if it would help solidify his spot with the new occupiers. Why he'd even wear their uniform if it would get him in deep with those holding the power. Anything, as long as he was permitted to keep his fortune. ANYTHING.

Whores. All of them. Exactly like the profiteers in France during the Nazi occupation, turning on their own countrymen to make money. Reporting people to the Gestapo (a death sentence) to assure their standing; sleeping with the SS to gain themselves some vestiges of power; kowtowing and doing anything requested of the Nazi's just to get invited to their social events. Anything to be "popular" with the folks in charge! And you think there aren't plenty of people in THIS country who would act in just the same manner? America was once a country of proud patriots, much like the Iraqis. But we have become excessively greedy, willing to sell out our own families, our own countrymen for a buck.

If we had to fight World War II again, we would lose. No, let me change that, we wouldn't lose, we simply wouldn't participate. In no way would our young men and women be lining up in droves to enlist to fight. They have many more important things to do. There's a feeling, a BELIEF, of entitlement now in this country. Someone else can go fight, THEY must go shopping. Or they simply believe themselves too important for such a mundane task. On top of that, their wonderful, patriotic Faux News watching parents would NEVER allow them to fight. It's not OUR continent, fuck them. ALL of Europe would be speaking German if it was left up to THIS generation. There would be no Jews left in all of Europe.And godonlyknows who they would have started liquidating next. But that's of no concern to us, the new iPod is out.

We have turned into a country of whining, uninformed, greedy, self obsessed cowards. Those who volunteered to fight and die in World War II should be ashamed of their offspring. Ashamed of what this country has become. And look at the Iraqis. We laugh at them because of the way they dress. WE wouldn't be caught dead in such unattractive, unfashionable clothes. Look at how they live!! Don't ANY if them have pools? Don't they own televisions or computers? Can they read or write? And their language is so stupid. Who can understand that scribble. What freaks! And they're all so, so....DIRTY! Third world natives. Scum. At least these "SCUM" have the balls to stand up and fight for what they believe in. We can't even manage to defend OURSELVES againt the actions of our OWN government.

"When we start the revolution, all they probably do is squeal"

- Nas