Saturday, December 10, 2005

History Repeats Itself
I read with utter horror and foreboding that the "clandestine detention camps," where we are quietly escorting top-secret "detainees" for questioning and torture, are located in POLAND!! I simply couldn't believe my eyes when I read this. This HAD to be a mistake. It had to be. Then I thought about it for a minute, thought of ALL the similarities between the Third Reich and this junto that has commandeered this country, and I realized that I was wrong. We (you and I...America) WE'RE establishing torture "camps" in the country of Poland, home to such demonic lairs of human depravity as Auschwitz-Birkenau, Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzek, Majdanek, Krakow-Plaszow, Stutthof, Soldau and Trawinki (to name a few). Extermination camps. Death camps. And now we Americans are LITERALLY walking in the footsteps of unquestionably the most evil group of individuals ever assembled upon this planet.

Are we destined to be the next black trenchcoated demons to foul this country (Poland) with death and torture? Is this really possible? What is so unfortunate is that the first thing I and MANY other individuals think of when we hear the word "Poland" are the death camps. I don't think of the beautiful Oder and Bug rivers. I don't think of the Carpathian Mountains or the historic cities of Danzig or Warsaw or Cracow. No, the images of corpses flash quickly before my eyes. Of people screaming as they're gassed to death by the MILLIONS in the gas chambers. Of the blue stains (Prussian Blue) left upon the gas chamber walls by the Zyklon-B the Nazi's dumped upon their unsuspecting "foe." I think of the chimneys working 24 hours a day, belching forth a black, oily smoke, the final product of burning human corpses. I think of the SS-Einsatzgruppen (death squads) that were sent to scour the countryside behind the advance of the German Army, executing every single Jew in nearly every single town in Poland. Liquidating the entire country of Jews. Everyone. No child or baby or woman or elderly were sparred. They were killed in every horrific way you could imagine by these sick depraved often drunk, always psychotic, stone cold killers. Those who met their fate at the end of a barrel were the "lucky" ones.

And now we want to set up our own "camps" here in this haunted country? You've got to be kidding me. But you're not. How does this look before the rest of the world? Do you think that Eastern Europe DOESN'T remember the Holocaust? That they have conveniently forgotten the atrocities commited there a mere 60 years ago? The Holocaust happened at their doorstep, to their families, to their neighbors and friends, and often times at the hands of their neighbors, friends and families. The Holocaust left a stain on eastern Europe that will take a hundred years to even BEGIN to wash off. But it will never be gone. Like painting over a wall. The old color may be covered up with a bright, fresh new color, but if one were to scrub the wall hard enough or maybe catch it at just the right light, the old dead color bleeds through again.

Sure, the generations that experienced such horrific acts first hand, those that perpetrated such acts, will die off and be replaced by a fresh, "clean" generation. The first hand accounts of the mass murder will become "history" to be read about in books or studied on field trips to such unimaginable places as Auschwitz-Birkenau, places that existed in another time. Seemingly unreal to those living now, to those who never experienced the sheer terror of a nightime Gestapo roundup. Of having to hide in a neighbors attic for days, even years on end in order to avoid deportation to the camps and their inevitable death. Those who have never quaked in fear at a knock on the door or faced death each time they ventured out to do the mundane tasks that we today take for granted. Those who never lost their entire family, brothers, sisters, cousins, anunts, uncles, mothers, fathers and children....every living soul that they loved and cared for and who loved and cared for them. Gone. Gassed to death or shot then either buried in mass, unmarked graves like animals or set afire, the last vestiges of their being taking to the sky and coating all living things with their ash. Encapsulating those who denied or ignored what was happening in the camps near their town with the grey dust of guilt. Something they had to carry with them in their hair, on their clothes, permanently burned into their sinuses as a reminder of what they allowed to happen. Covering them like a dusty suit of shame. A suit they shall wear until their deaths.

I am not trying to insinuate that we have established anything along the lines of a Nazi concentration camp in Poland, but it's the significance of choosing Poland to place such camps that is so horrific to me. Was it done by mistake? Could they not have thought of the ramifications of such a camp in a country haunted by such horrific deeds? Or did they simply believe, as did the Nazis, that they would NEVER be found out? That they could finish their "work" while the rest of the world turned its head and ignored what was going on, unconcerned because it wasn't happening to them? Happy to remain ingnorant just like in 1939. Either reason is horrendous. What is happening to my country? The answer is more frightening than one could even imagine.