Saturday, December 17, 2005

"What good fortune for those in power that the people don't think"
- Adolf Hitler
George Bu$h has BORROWED more money in FOUR YEARS ($1.05 TRILLION DOLLARS) than ALL OTHER PRESIDENTS COMBINED ($1.01 trillion dollars). How is that possible? Why are we OWNED by the Chinese and the Saudi Arabians (the loaners of these trillions)?? Gee, do you wonder why we never said a WORD to the Saudi's after 9/11, the country that ATTACKED us that day? THEY OWN US, that's why. And the Bu$h family has received $1 BILLION dollars from the Saudi's over the years (don't believe me, look it up) Can't insult or attack the people who are paying you, now can we?
We have borrowed $1.05 TRILLION dollars to build shit in Iraq (which HASN'T been where is the money???) give TAX BREAKS TO THE RICHEST AMERICANS (they got $56 BILLION DOLLARS in tax cuts from Bu$h) and to cut services to we regular people (to pay for the $56 BILLION going to the rich. Nice). Why haven't we used these TRILLIONS here in our own country? Why are we spending $1 BILLION DOLLARS A WEEK in Iraq? Why isn't that money being spent HERE? I ask you again......what has this Bu$h admini$tration done for you? What have you received from this government? Unless you're worth MILLIONS of dollars, then the answer is NOTHING. NOTHING.
And yet Bu$h continues to spend. $220 BILLION in New Orleans, $55 BILLION in Africa, $50 MILLION for Sudan, etc etc etc etc etc. Where are we getting this money? You CANNOT simply continue to BORROW MONEY forever. You can't. EVENTUALLY IT MUST BE PAID BACK. So everytime I hear that Bu$h is asking for another $50 BILLION here or $10 BILLION there, I ask myself "where is he getting that money? We don't have any. This country is BROKE." And like an out of control shopper with a credit card we continue to run up a deficit that will be IMPOSSIBLE to payback. The deficit (what we OWE) as of today is $8.137 TRILLION DOLLARS. The interest on what we borrow ALONE is $50 BILLION DOLLARS a year. We borrow $907 MILLION dollars every 24 hours. And Bu$h continues with this out of control spending.
But you CONTINUE to support these criminals. I don't understand it, why would you vote against your own best interests? It's simply ridiculous. Do you think that this defecit spending doesn't affect you?? It sure as hell will when our stock market crashes and your ass is out in the cold with NOTHING. Without SHIT. When the American currency is worth nil, then you'll be concerned. When it takes an entire wheelbarrow full of money to buy a loaf a bread (like it did in Germany right before Hitler took over...and we'd be ripe for a dictatorship too, should something like that occur) and you can't afford to buy your family anything at all, then you'll care.
This is precisely why I will not intentionally speak to a neo-con republican. You are an ignorant individual. You are dumb. Period. If you continue to vote for the people who are bankrupting our country (thus bankrupting YOU), stealing money from YOU then turning around and giving it to those who need it the LEAST (the RICH and the oil companies), then you are a fucking fool. When the bottom falls out and the next depression strikes, which NUMEROUS economic experts predict will happen SOON, the only person you can blame is yourself. Ever been homeless before? NO? Maybe you should practice.