Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Our Fuhrer
Leader of the New World Order

"Now, by the way, any time you hear the United States government talking about wiretap, it requires -- a wiretap requires a court order. Nothing has changed, by the way. When we're talking about chasing down terrorists, we're talking about getting a court order before we do so. It's important for our fellow citizens to understand, when you think Patriot Act, constitutional guarantees are in place when it comes to doing what is necessary to protect our homeland, because we value the Constitution"

- President George W. Bu$h, April 20, 2004

Well this little statement by the Fuhrer was a lie, wasn't it? He told us YESTERDAY that he, by way of the power he WRONGLY CLAIMS was vested to him by our Constitution, didn't NEED a court order and that he would PROCEED to use wiretaps against the American people without said court order. Why should we ever believe ANYTHING to ever come of this mans mouth ever again? Why did we (you) EVER believe him in the first place? All he can DO is lie and obfuscate. That's all. This man and those surrounding him are attempting to destroy our constitution, thus enabling them to fully take over our country and its people and to COMPLETELY rout our treasury right in front of our faces. By installing Sam Alito on the Supreme Court, they just may accomplish that very act.

However, the American people are NOT concerned about this horrid negation of our rights, but with topics such as "The War on Christmas", abortion and gay marriage. Topics thrown out there in an attempt to take our focus off the raping of our rights, the looting of our treasury, this ridiculous conflict in Iraq and the unimaginable amounts of money being taken from programs for the poor and hand delivered to the rich. And it's working perfectly. Americans are as predictable as a clock. We are so easy to manipulate, to guide our attention and concerns, that it's almost laughable. In fact, it WOULD be laughable if it wasn't so tragic and if what was at stake wasn't so fucking important.

Bu$h should IMMEDIATELY be impeached. But that will never happen. The executive branch and BOTH houses of Congress have been completely taken over by fascists. The Democrats don't have the votes to accomplish ANYTHING. And since the complete takeover of our country by Christian fascists is their GOAL, the votes necessary to even bring the measure to the floor would never make it. We normal Americans, those of not bent on the destruction of this country, those of us who do not want to make Christianity and all its fucking stupid rituals MANDATORY in this country, who do NOT want to bankrupt us and steal all the money from the American people to keep for themselves and their ultra-rich cronies, who respect the Consitution and don't want to see it destroyed in front of our very eyes, we HAVE NO SAY ON WHAT GOES ON IN THIS COUNTRY (I would have said in "our own country" but i no longer believe this IS "our" country. This has become THEIR country). From here on, we are at the mercy of this cabal.

Unfortunately, I believe that they HAVE taken over. We WON'T be able to vote them out in 2006 OR in 2008. The votes are fixed. Accept it. With Diebold machines placed in certain states (they don't NEED to be in every state) they can guarantee themselves control of both houses and the executive branch for an eternity. And with Bu$h in control of the Supreme Court (after the appointment of Samuel Alito, which WILL happen), we are totally fucked. They can do anything they fucking want. Pass any law, rescind any law. Declare marshal law if they wish. We have literally been taken hostage. We are all the will of these Christo-Fascists.

Think we'll get Bu$h outta office in 2008? I personally don't believe we will. I think, with the complete and guaranteed control of the Supreme Court, these individuals will be able to somehow "postpone" the 2008 election indefinitely. And who is gonna stop them? Congress? Owned. The Senate? Owned. Is the Supreme Court gonna step in and declare the postponement unconstitutional? No, they're OWNED. And who gives a fuck what we say, WE HAVE NO POWER whatsoever. NONE. All we need is a little terrorist attack to send us back shivering in our holes. To render us useless and send us begging on our knees to our Fuhrer to save us. WE ARE OWNED. We have essentially allowed this to happen by ignoring what was going on around us. By completely ignoring what they have done to us, RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES. We are worthless. We are unconcerned with politics. We Americans are concerned ONLY with wealth, material objects and what goes on inside our pitiful little families. We live in a bubble of blindness, hands stuck securely up our asses, deaf dumb and blind to all that doesn't pertain to materialism, our social lives or modern culture. We are accomplices to our own destruction.

Think I'm a paranoid nut? Fine. Keep thinking that. But DO NOT say that I didn't warn you. Believe everything this government pawns off on you as the truth. You have been doing that all along anyway, I'm well aware that nothing will change. The fate of this country was sealed by the 59,000,000 uninformed christian fascists who re-elected this dictator in 2004.

I said this was coming shortly after 9/11. You people cowered in your closets, terrorized by hypothetical threats and LIES. You feared terrorism with every step, looked at every Muslim like they had bloodstained hands and sharpened teeth. All the while the true enemy, the REAL terrorist, was feeding us the lies, feeding the terror to you. Living off the stench of your fear. The real enemy was digging itself into our governmental seats, slowly but surely taking our rights one by one and tossing them to the wind. We gladly assisted them.

The Patriot Act just had to be passed, didn't it? I bet you even argued for it. Did you even read it, or did you just listen to what Faux News said about it? Did you simply believe Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh or any other mouthpiece on the radio, slurping down the lies they fed you like defenseless infants? If it wasn't passed, then bombs were sure to rain down on our cities. The threat of a chemical attack in this country actually sent you to the store to buy duct tape and plastic sheeting. You should have been helping to reinforce our country from those who had constructed this terror in you in the first place, but instead you crouched in fear and waited for the innevitable hammer of terrorism to fall. And fall it did.

Only it wasn't a nuclear weapon or a car bomb. It wasn't even an attack carried out by our sworn enemy, the Muslims. No, the hammer that fell this time was a gavel, rescinding one right after another, altering one law after another. Stealing our money, bankrupting this country, authorizing our young Soldiers be sent to a WAR sold to you on lies and fear. Declaring those who dared to utter a negative word against this government, those who had the gall to protest in the streets, those who TRIED TO DEFEND THE RIGHTS GUARANTEED TO THEM IN THE CONSTITUTION, as "unpatriotic" accusing them of treason or sedition. And you followed right along. You were led by the hand happily to the gas chamber, never ONCE questioning the descisions made by this government. You're a good German. And like the German people at the end of 1945, the blame rests squarely on your shoulders.

Welcome to the occupation - REM