Thursday, December 01, 2005

Is this Your Kid??
Of Course Not.
I could not understand the sudden quiet
The sudden darkness in the crash of fight,
The din and glare of day quenched in a twinkling
In utter starless night.

I lay an age and idly gazed at nothing,
Half-puzzled that I could not lift my head;
And then I knew somehow that I was lying
Among the other dead.
- Wilfrid Wilson Gibson, 1917
Does this picture make you sick? Huh?? Does it make you cringe? Angry that I dared display it on this blog? Good. Fuck you. Take a good, long look at it, cuz this is what we are doing to our soldiers. This is what happens to you in combat. You don't grab your stomach and lurch forward, dead like in the movies. Your face gets blown off. Your eyes get shot out. You burn to death. You scream in pain. Your head gets blown clear off your shoulders. Your arms and legs get blown off. Your guts fall out of your stomach and land at your feet in a heaping mass of warm mess.
The closest to combat we civilians and chickenhawks will ever come is in the movie 'Saving Private Ryan.' This movie is raw and does the best job of depicting the horrors of combat through a camera lens to date. The death is there. The dismemberment. The utter horror of seeing the guy next to you vaporized by a howitzer shell or a mortar. The terror. Only thing is, the viewer is watching all this unfold from the safety and comfort of a movie theater. He or she can get up and leave any time they want. The gore gets to extreme? Simply leave. Or close your eyes. But the boys who are there experiencing this holy terror in person, those actually fighting the fight, are not permitted the comfort of simply getting up and leaving. They cannot close their eyes and block out the nightmare happening around them. For them, this terror that YOU cannot handle, that you must close your eyes to and block out, is reality for them.
Missing from movies such as 'Saving Private Ryan' is the physical, gut wrenching terror engulfing these young men. The metallic stench of blood, the deafening explosions as the rounds get closer and closer to their target, often just missing their mark (YOU) by a few feet. The feel of hot piss running down your legs as your bladder lets go uncontrollably from sheer fright. The zing of high caliber bullets smashing through the air, pinning you to the ground. Surrounding you like a sheet of steel. Unable to move even one centimeter without coming in contact with the screaming metal intended to tear you to shred's, you desperately try to dig your way into the ground, bloody hands and ripped out fingernails are of no concern, only avoiding the sheet of death that smothers you matters right now. Missing is the sting of your face as blood, blasted from your buddies body as he's blown to pieces, smacks into your cheeks and lips.
Missing is the confusion, the terror, the feeling that your heart will literally beat out of your chest. The sheer desperation, the screams of the dead and the dying, which will resonate through your subconscious in dreams and flashbacks, visiting you at the most inopportune moments. Screams that will haunt you for the remainder of your days (if you have any days left). And that feeling. That feeling that you are most certainly going to die right here on this foreign ground. Will it hurt? Will you even feel it? Or will the final wound be so horrific that you'll simply blink out, not even registering the exact moment of your death. This is what no movie will EVER be able to capture. Sure the vivid, gruesome images are there, but the FEELINGS, the smells and the in-the-flesh SOUNDS will never be captured. Will never be duplicated.
The actors in these movies are not personal for us. We are not atached to them. We didn't spend 6 months of our lives living and working with them through basic training, and crammed in together in a transport ship. We don't know their personal stories, we haven't read the letters they received from home. We've never touched them, held them or comforted them in a time of undescribable sorrow. And we know that at the end of the day, at the end of the shoot (cuz this IS only a movie..remember that, nobody REALLY died, the blood and explosions were all a cinematic stunts) these actors will go home safely to the comfort of their families and their own beds, free of nightmares and flashbacks. Able to sleep though the night without the constant visuals of their mutilated friends and the screams of the dying.
Not so in real life. The "lucky" soldier will return to their base heartbroken, exhausted and terrified of the knowledge that they will have to repeat this experience again and again and again. The rookies are the lucky ones, they know not what to expect. Their minds are clear of the bloodbath and muscle freezing terror that awaits them. It's the veterans of other battles that know what lays before them everytime they set out for a fight. This is what we are sending our children, our brothers and cousins and nephews and husbands into. And for what?? For a lie. For the monetary benefit of the oil companies. So Bu$h can have military bases in the Middle East to launch OTHER wars, from where he and his chicknehawk cabal (none who have EVER experienced combat firsthand) can send MORE boys into the nightmare of combat. Is it worth it? IS it?
Pictures such as these are EXACTLY what Bu$h doesn't WANT you to see nor to think about. Shit, he doesn't even want you to see the sanitized images of steel coffins returning from Iraq, let alone the CONTENTS of these coffins. This is the Iraq war, staring you right in the face (no pun intended). Was this soldiers life really worth it? Increased profits for the oil companies (for whom this soldier died) is worth how many more American and Iraqi lives? Give me a number. Come on, how many more Americans are you willing to sacrifice so the oil companies can take over the Iraqi oil fields and reap a projected TRILLION DOLLARS in profits???? Two years into this fraudulent nightmare, we have lost 2,100 soldiers and counting. Two years into the Vietnam War we had lost......2,100 soldiers. By the end of THAT worthless excursion, we had lost 58,000 soldiers. Are you willing to sacrifice ANOTHER 58,000 for THIS worthless excursion? Yes or no? What number is "ok" in your mind?
This poor bastard got his damn face blown the fuck off. And for what? For what noble cause, Mr. Bu$h, did this American soldier need to get his fucking face BLOWN THE HELL OFF!!!!???? This kid died for NOTHING! Yes, that's right. Come to grips with it, fellow Americans. Our soldiers are in Iraq getting killed for NOTHING. There is NO logical reason for their unnecesssary deaths. They didn't die defending OUR freedom, as Bu$h and his fellow reich-wing war mongeres would try to convince you. Hell no. We were relatively free BEFORE they were sent the hell over there and we are relatively free now that they are there. We weren't attacked by Iraq. Ever. My freedom has never been in question as far as the Iraqis are concerned. I have lost more freedom at the hands of my own government with the Patriot Act alone. Maybe our military should have invaded Washington, DC if they were looking to defend America's freedoms.
If Iraq had sent a flotilla of war ships over here and had pummeled the east coast with high explosive shells, killing thousands of Americans, then I could see invading their country. If they had sent over an armada of B52 bombers and laid waste to New York City and the surrounding area, then I could see invading their country. If they had snuck ashore in Boston and in the still of the night taken over the city, THEN I could see invading Iraq. THEN this boy would have lost his face defending our freedom. Then we would have a legitimate reason for being in Iraq.
But you see, Iraq NEVER attacked us. Not on 9/11, not ever. You cannot make the jump from being attacked on 9/11 by 19 muslims (non of whom, by the way, were from Iraq. Most were from Saudi Arabia) to invading Iraq. You simply cannot do it. If we were looking for payback for 9/11, then Saudi Arabia should have been attacked. At least that would have made sense.
This "war" is totally fraudulent. 9/11 was exactly what the Bu$h administration needed in order to invade Iraq. They had been planning this invasion, along with their oil company whores, since 1999. This war was preordained. And the American people fell for their lies hook line and sinker. Bu$h et al wanted the Iraqi oil fields and they are paying for them with the blood of our soldiers. Is the poor boy pictured above, was his death procuring the oil fields for Exxon/Mobil worth it? NO. Yet we gladly offered up our soldiers as sacrifice. We actually believed that Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9/11. What idiots. What gullible fucking fools. To believe anything and everything that comes outta the White House. Bu$h is a good christian man, he has high morals. He talks to GOD!! He would never lead us astray. Hook......line......sinker. I bet he and his cabal of oil fiends sit back every night and laugh at you sheep, so easily lead off the cliff.
Continue your blind support of these criminals. We'll be dropping a tactical nuke on Iran before 2008, I can guarantee it. Are you ready for the shit storm THAT will unleash upon us? No way. Are you ready for the day the government comes a-knocking for your son or daughter? You should proudly sacrifice your kid on the alter of Bu$h. You believe in him, you believe in the legitimacy of this war, you believe he speaks to GOD. I'm sure he would NEVER send your son or daughter into harms way without first consulting with and obtaining the approval of Jesus H. Christ. Ante up.