Monday, December 26, 2005

AKA : The Volkischer Beobachter
"It is the absolute right of the State to supervise the formation of public opinion"
- Josef Goebbels
Never again will I pick up and read the New York Times. They are officially dead to me. A paper once revered as a reliable, informative award winning piece of journalism, for many years considered the best in the country, has now disgraced itself once and for all and proved itself nothing more than a propaganda outfit for the fourth Reich.
Hiring a questionable journalist like Jason Blair, someone who fabricated stories while writing from such exotic locations as the kitchen in his New York apartment, was bad enough but I excused it as oversight. At least Blair wasn't reporting on critical issues. But still, was there was no verification process at the New York Times? I could have gotten a job writing hypocriful stories while lounging in my underwear if it was like that. This should have been a warning of what was to come. Of what the Times was really all about.
So then the Judith Miller story breaks, and I'm totally disgusted. They never ONCE checked this woman's work. She was receiving information DIRECTLY from the Bu$h administration and feeding it, unchecked, to the public, knowing they'd swallow it up like they swallow up everything spoon fed to them. Judith Miller is a foul whore. She was a whore for this administration and whore for them she did. It was because of THESE stories printed by Miller regarding Iraq's apparent imminent threat of nuclear and biological capability that the American people followed Bu$h and his power horny cronies over the cliff into the abyss. Happily too, I might add. Never once questioning, simply doing as they were told. Putting up the barbed wire, building the dormitories, ignoring the smoke and the stench of burning flesh and the sight of cadaverous human beings walking zombie like through the yards. Believing every lie carefully planted by these criminals, no matter how many times these lies were called into question or proved wrong. No, the doubters were unAmerican, unpatriotic. They WANTED to see the United States destroyed by a nuclear bomb or a small pox attack. They were defamed and slandered and their characters were assassinated. Bu$h was a Christian man and a Christian man would NEVER lie to his flock. So he led them off the cliff.
When the Times delivered to Miller a million dollar severance package after deciding maybe they should let her go after all, I was LIVID and promptly fired off a few choice emails to the editor. I swore I would never consider the Times again as anything but a propaganda piece delievered straight from the Reichstag itself. And I didn't. Then the news drops that the Volkischer Beobackter had ALSO witheld information about the Fuhrer and his domestic spying routine. Witheld it for an entire YEAR at the request of the Fuhrer himself. In fact, the Reich was SO concerened about the possible release of this little tidbit, that "White House Officials" met with the head of the Times and he "agreed" to hold off on printing the story. Let's see, around a year ago this time what was going on in this once fine country of ours? Oh, I know........THE FUCKING ELECTION!!!!! Is that why this choice piece of information was agreed to be witheld from the American people? Information that showed we were being spyed upon by our own damn government?!!? That the Fuhrer had decided to make up his own goddamn laws and had essentially negated the rights afforded to us in the fourth amendment to OUR Constitution?
What else has the New York Times known about but, out of allegiance to the Fuhrer, agreed not to print? What did Bu$h threaten them with or offer them in order to get them to withold the domestic spying story for an entire YEAR!!!??? The New York Times is dead to me. Placed on the same list now as Faux News and MSNBC, nothing more than a propaganda pamphlet to be handed out by party loyalists in the town square. The Presidential seal should be burned onto the first page of every copy. At least then people will KNOW what they are getting (they already SHOULD know but as I've pointed out numerous times before, Americans are quite possibly the dumbest, most ill informed, unconcerned easily manipulated group of people on this planet).
If the press is dead, then we as Americans are dead. This country is dead. Once freedom of the press is stiffled and under the control of the State, manipulation of the people requires nothing more than pulling the strings and watching us dance to their tune. Once the press is silenced, there is nobody left to report on the destruction of our Constitutional rights. To voice our profound disapproval as to the direction our country is headed. We are on a crash course with tyranny and our supposed independent media sources are complicit. And as Americans have proved reliable in the past, if it isn't spelled out for them in the most simplistic of terms, Americans pay it no attention. In other words if it's no longer REPORTED then, to most Americans, it has neither happened nor exists. But hey, as long as the malls are still open and football is still played on Sunday, the majority of the country is satisfied.

We are doomed.