Thursday, November 17, 2005

World Wide Mob Figgaz
Let me ask you one question, Is your money that good? Will it buy you forgiveness? Do you think that it could? I think you will find, When your death takes its toll, All the money you made Will never buy back your soul
- Bob Dylan
Pictured above are the heads of the big five oil companies, Exxon/Mobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, BP America and Shell Oil. Last week they were called to testify in front of congress regarding their record oil profits ($100 BILLION last QUARTER alone). I was shocked to see that they were all older white men. There's something you don't see too often.
Conveniently for the ultra-rich "Big Five" the hearing was chaired by Alaskan congressman Ted Stevens (R. Alaska) who, probably knowing these five assholes were destined to lie as soon as their lilly white mouths opened, refused the Democrats demands they be sworn in under oath before they testified. You know how that goes, you raise your right hand and you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you god?? Well, if you or I were unfortunate enough to be in court, our sorry monetary challenged asses sure as HELL would have to get sworn in. We meager citizens, we lowly workers of the 40 hour week, WE can't be trusted not to lie. The "Big Five," who have BILLIONS in current and future profits at stake here, who are responsible to their ultra-rich stockholders, who have no record of immoral or illegal activities in the past (hahahaha) are trusted to tell the truth, the WHOLE truth, and NOTHING but the truth (so help them god. Right?) Right.
Well surprisingly, when asked about their involvements in Dick Cheney's Energy Task Force back in 2001, they all LIED and said they were not in attendance. SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!!!!! Senator Frank Lautenberg (D. New Jersey) asked these five criminals "Did your company or any representatives in your companies participate in Vice President Dick Cheney's energy force in 2001?" To the man, they opened their mouths, removed their silver spoons, and said "no." LIE.
See, Cheney's energy bill was a gift to the oil companies. He met with them before hand and they told him what they needed. It allowed them to drill in once protected lands (such as national parks and the Alaskan National Wildlife Reserve, ANWR), it said they could destroy our environment by dumping whatever shit they felt like into our streams and rivers. It cut back on what levels of toxic waste dumping they had to report. They could pollute the air we breath, poison our waters, kill off our wildlife and give our children cancer. Why the fuck not, they're the fucking OIL COMPANIES. THEY...ARE.....GOD!
Since talk of this meeting surfaced back in 2001, environmental groups have tried to get the records from that meeting to prove that these oil execs, the "Big Five," had actually been there. And for 4 years, the White House refused them this information. Well low and behold, YESTERDAY someone leaked a document that showed that YES these robber barrons HAD in fact been in Cheney's little gift session. Who woulda thought.
Now we have the fact that they lied before congress, an act punishable up to 5 years in prison. Don't think these fucking assholes are gonna spend 1/1000000000000000000th of a second in jail. The Democrats are up in arms, furious. And why shouldn't they be? These arrogant motherfuckers blatantly lied and without fear of retribution because the rethuglicans are all in their pockets. Snuggled down there all warm and cozy. OUTRAGEOUS. Harry Reid (D. Nevada) is demanding the "Big Five" be recalled to the Hill, SWORN IN, and forced to answer the same question. The fucking scum corrupt Rethuglicans are, of course, resisting this. Don't hold your breath that this rehearing EVER comes to fruition.
So where does this leave us? The American citizen? Black and white, yellow and brown. Poor and poorer. It leaves us in the same condition we are always left in by this government.....FUCKED. We are gonna continue to get ripped off by these criminal oil companies. They refused to give any of their record profits back, they refused to give any of their profits towards seeking an alternative form of energy (we ARE gonna run outta oil one of these days, and if we don't start working on an alternative NOW....we are gonna be in serious trouble) and they refused to rescind the CRIMINAL, RIDICULOUS tax breaks they received from the Bu$h admini$tration.
So we are going to continue to get fucked at the gas pump. We are going to continue to be held hostage by these animals who care ONLY about profits. They are addicted to money and, like a crack addict, they don't care how they get it or who they hurt.
Our environment is a life support device to ALL OF US, NOT just we leftists, not just we democrats. Nobody on this planet can exist without our environment. It is not replaceable, it is not renewable. Once parts of it are destroyed and poisoned, they are gone forever. THIS IS NOT OUR ENVIRONMENT TO DESTROY!! It belongs to every living soul, every living THING, on this plant, present and future generations alike. Animal, vegetable or mineral.
The environments outright destruction sheerly for PROFITS is one of the most APPALLING aspects of this admini$tration and their oil/chemical company cronies. They, too, must rely on this precious, nonrenewable environment of ours. They do not live in a special bubble, insulated from the effects of air pollution and chemical poisoning. What damage they do to US they ALSO do to THEMSELVES! Air pollutants and chemical gases invade both mansions AND section 8 houses. Both estates and single family townhouses. It is not racist, it is not concerned with how much money its victims have. It is an equal oppotunity offender, an indiscriminate killer.
Can a human being be THAT greedy? That sickened by the stench of the almighty dollar that they would willingly poison not only themselves, but THEIR family and THEIR friends as well?. The answer is obviously YES.
And once again, we are silent. Where are the outcries? Where are the marches on Washington, demanding this cabal of evil and insanity be removed from office? They are destroying our brothers and sisters over in Iraq. They are destroying the safetynet for the unfortunate in this country. They are destroying our environment and our fellow animals, from who EVOLVED. They are destroying the country of Iraq and their innocent citizenry. They have destroyed our once fine reputation around the world and soon, they may destroy another entire COUNTRY with a nuclear strike (think they won't do it? I'll bet ya....Iran is next on their list). And what do we do? Nothing. We sit here. We watch TV and chat on the phone. We have meet ups for lunch and discuss the "world's sexiest man." We take our most precious children (children who will NEVER be allowed to die in Iraq with the other poor slobs) to friends homes and to swimming class. We sit on our hands and we remain comfortably numb. Last night, Air America host Mike Malloy eloquently summed up our willful inaction....."We are the most uninformed, over entertained population cluster in the history of the entire planet." We sure are.