Friday, November 04, 2005

This is my world, And I am the world leader pretend. This is my life, And this is my time. I have been given the freedom To do as I see fit
This man is terrifying to me. He is the leader of the most powerful military in the world. He has the power and authority to annihilate another country/continent with a nuclear strike whenever he and his thug cabinet see fit. We have no say in this, remember that. Our voices have essentially been silenced by the hijacking of our "supposed" House of Representatives. He has 10,000 PLUS nuclear weapons (that doesn't include WARHEADS. Each WEAPON may have 10 WARHEADS on them. One warhead could wipe a city off the face of the map. Forever). He has access to seemingly unending finances, albeit ALL BORROWED. He represents our country to others throughout the world. He has invaded another country that NEVER attacked NOR threatened us. He has killed thousands upon thousands of Iraqi civilians, not to even MENTION the 2,000 + American soldiers killed and 30,000 + injuries, many of which are permanent disfigurements and brain injuries. Yet........................this man does not read the paper. He does not watch the news on TV. He reads no magazines that deal with politics and other important social issues. He receives all of his "information" from his "handlers." And the handlers he surrounds himself with are all "yes" men who deliver him ONLY the information he WANTS to hear. This is horrifying.

A fine example of this apparent "information deficiency" is hurricane Katrina and the tragic non-response from the Federal Government. Bu$h was galloping aimlessly all over the country while a hurricane and subsequent devastating flood destroyed one of Americas oldest and most important cities. Remember the picture of this fool happily strumming along on his guitar at some country music concert?? PATHETIC. Remember him eating a cake and sucking the frosting off his bloodstained fingers while black people were begging for water from atop their now completely flooded homes? He was happily parading around the country in Air Force One on taxpayer dollars, COMLPETELY BLIND to the fact there was actually a hurricane in the Gulf. I do not see how this was possible.

How can the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA not have a CLUE what's going on in HIS OWN COUNTRY??!!! And he had not a clue regarding a CATASTROPHE, not a car accident in Sioux City. A fucking CATEGORY 4 HURRICANE that had essentially wiped a major American city off the world map. THIS MAN HAD NO CLUE. His "staff" had to create a DVD with newsreel highlights to "present to him" so he could "learn" what had happened to the country in which he is supposedly in charge. And the staff were "scared" to show him this DVD. Why?? Was it gonna ruin his day?? BOO FUCKING HOO! Was it going to upset him??? WHO THE FUCK CARES!! This man is in charge of the fucking Federal Government, who waits for directions from HIM in order to act, and they are pussyfooting around, drawing straws to see which asshole had to "break the bad news" to the Lord and Saviour himself! Everyone involved in this should be fired. What, he was gonna freak and throw shit around like a bitch? So the fuck what. You were gonna ruin his day?? So the fuck what. He was gonna have to come back from his FIVE WEEK VACATION (already like the 100th vacation this asshole has taken since his inauguration) ....SO THE FUCK WHAT!!!!!!!!! THIS IS HIS JOB!!!!!!!!! WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE ,PEOPLE!!??

This ignorant man has not a clue. Not one. I'm sure that he is clueless as to the 500,000 Americans who marched in front of the White House on September 24th in protest of this criminal enterprise he has involved us in. Nobody told him. I'm sure he doesn't know his approval rating are tanking and tanking HARD. Nobody told him. I' m sure he doesn't even know how many Americans he has sent to their deaths in Iraq. NOBODY ....TOLD....HIM. he just goes throughout the day, whistling to himself, cleaning his fingernails, fiddling with shit. Choppering about to whatever destination they "send" him. Playing on the carpet of the Oval office with his dog. He is a puppet. No more, no less. The front man for the most evil, criminal enterprise ever to take possession of this country and its resources. We all know who is really in charge here, don't we. We don't even need to speak his name. I wouldn't anyway, for the mere utterance of this man's name conjures up evil spirits and ghouls. The REAL head of this country is an evil, foul, dark entity. A devil. Bu$h is just dumb. A pathetic frontman to distract the American citizenry, to lull them into apathy, while the real power, the real Commander in Chief, slinks through the night in dark, dank back alleys, making appearances in young children's nightmares and drug addicts hallucinations. The devil himself. Evil has overtaken America.