Friday, November 18, 2005


Jean Schmidt (R. Ohio) is a WHORE. Nothing more, nothing less. She is a whore for the republican party. Today, she stood before the House and uttered the following sentence in refrence to John Murtha (D. Pennsylvania) "Cowards don't cut and run." HOW PROFOUND, JEAN, you cocksucking animal.Did you come up with that one yourself? Did you think that was gonna gain you points with the other demons you sit there with? They should have dragged you off the podium and stomped you like the worthless whore you are. At least Duncan Hunter should have bitch slaped you. Your outrageous little comment did your party not one ounce of good. It made you out to be the vile smear merchants that you all are. Looks bad, Jean. Looks bad.

I'm guessing this is why she withdrew her statement with a little smirk on her prune dried face. All dolled up in her red white and blue suit with little blue stars running across her chest. You fucking patriot. Murtha is a coward, huh JEAN? I believe he, like John Kerry, Al Gore and numerous OTHER Democrats, shed their blood and tears on the battlefiled in Vietnam, fighting for their country. Which is more than I can say about one single member of this cabal of evil sitting up in the White House. What were you doing during this time of such "cowardly" activity, Jean?? I'm guessing you were sucking your way to power in the rethuglican party. The only blood YOU spilled was from your rectum after a hard night of getting fucked in the ass.

You and your repulican counterparts of the lowest form of life on earth. To besmirch a mans military record because he DARED to speak against your christ and saviour, your almighty leader, your commander and THIEF, is disgugusting and foul just like your empty souls. When the people finally arouse from their happy slumber and reclaim their country, I cannot wait for the day the American people lynch these criminals who are slowly and INTENTIONALLY destroying our country. Like the Nuremburg trials, your days to account for your actions in front of a world court is coming. Each and every one of you neo-con dogs. Swing low. sweet chariot.