Thursday, November 03, 2005

Well well well....look who finally awoke from their peaceful slumber and grew a pair of.........


Fucking finally. It's only been what, five fucking years???!!!! Gee, hope you Deadocrats are well rested cuz you've got a lot of catching up to do. So good ole Harry Reid (D. Nevada) felt a swelling in his pants and then his balls dropped into his trousers, resulting in his invoking of Senate Rule 21 which called for a closed Senate session so he could FINALLY confront the Rethuglicans on their inability to investigate the lies that lead us into this ridiculous Occupation (I will no longer be referring to the fucking mess over in Iraq as a "war" because, quite simply, it's NOT a war. It's an "occupation" and so it shall be called from this point forward). So anyway, Harry Reid eloquently pointed out that for 22 months they had been begging, pleading and cajoling this group of Rethuglican criminals to FINISH their investigation of the White House and the apparent LIES they sold to the gullible American people. TWENTY TWO MONTHS!! For Christ's fucking sake. Can they be MORE arrogant? I have never, in my 28 years on this earth, encountered a bigger group of ego-inflated, hubris infected scum than these neocon criminals.

According to Reid (and it wasn't like we already DIDN'T know this...anyone with 1/10000th of a brain was already well aware of this fact) the Rethuglicans in the Senate were in the pocket of those criminals in the White House. Nothing was passed in the Senate without first being "ok'd" by the Bu$h Crime Family. Nothing was allowed BEFORE the House without it being ok'd by Bu$hCo. These rethuglicans in the House should be fucking ashamed of themselves. Are they orally servicing the Bu$h Crime Family too? Jesus P. Christ.....these perverted criminals in Bu$hCo. get more oral than any other people on the planet. It's amazing they can get up in the morning. You'd think they'd ache after all this fellating. Whatever happend to being REPRESENTATIVES. Isn't that the name of your little MOB, the House of REPRESENTATIVES?? But they don't represent the people, no fucking way. They STRICTLY represent the Bu$h Crime Family. The American people should storm the gates of the White House and haul these criminals outta OUR HOUSE and lynch em on the mall. They no more represent us than they do the people on Mars.

I hate these people. I HATE THEM. And you should too! NOBODY, aside from the ultra-rich, Big Corporations and OIL COMPANIES should support these criminals. CRIMINALS!!!! Today I was watching a House Budget Committe session and Pete Session (R. Texas) argued that money for student loans, LIHEAP (Low Income Energy Assictance program), food stamps, etc. SHOULD BE CUT instead of raising taxes on the OIL COMPANIES because it's "unfair to tax these companies that work so hard at finding oil." ARE....YOU.....FUCKING ......SERIOUS!!!!!?????? NOBODY SHOULD SUPPORT THESE PEOPLE, do you understand that??? What are these people doing for you?? ABSOLUTELY......NOTHING. They are sending YOUR kids to die in Iraq. They are taking money outta YOUR pockets to line the already silk lined pockets of the uber-rich. They are cutting funding to YOUR schools. They are blatantly gouging you at the gas pump. BLATANTLY! They are taking food outta YOUR family's mouth. They are destroying OUR environment. Do you not researh what goes on around you? Do you not read the papers?? Magazines?? BLOGS, for Christ's sake??!!! The truth is there, it's right in front of your fucking FACE!! You don't even have to go looking for it!!!!!!!!! What you DO have to do is go looking for a reason, ANY REASON, to support these criminals who are ruining not only our country and our lives, but our childrens lives and this non-replaceable planet on which we so desperately rely.

I have spoken with these blind, zombie supporters of the Bu$h Crime Family and they cannot defend their positions. All they can do is insult you. That's the extent of their defense of the indefensible. Most likely, they watch Fox (Faux) news and take it as the word of God. You are an uninformed fool and uninformed fools have ruined this once fine country. YOU HAVE RUINED IT. What will it take for you to see the error of your ways and wake the fuck up? The draft?? When YOUR child must go fight this Occupation that you blindly and without reason support?? When the price of gas skyrockets to $7.00 a gallon (and not because it HAS TO, as they will declare, but because the OIL Companies are the greediest fucking bastads in the world)??? Whan our rights are further descimated and shit upon by this horrifying "Patriot Act"??? Whan they come for YOU because these Christo-Fascists who run this government decide you have somehow offended their lord and savior?? WHAT WILL IT TAKE? Them coming to YOUR house and kicking in YOUR door and hauling you away to some secret prison. never to be charged with any crime, just held there? Oh, but this couldn't happen to YOU, right?? You're not some terrorist Muslim freak, right? It's ok to lock up those fucking muslims cuz we all know they're terrorists. Every single one of em, right??!!! Who cares what they do to someone else, right??

As long as they leave you and your family alone. And I'm sure you think you're gonna be left alone. Well what if YOU are somehow labled a terrorist or the Crime Family thinks you're a "danger" somehow. And godonlyknows what could constitute a "terrorist" or "danger" these day. It's up to them, and THEY don't have to tell US shit. And off you fucking go to some secret prison where they'll torture your sorry ass too. You supporters of this Crime Family make me physically sick. So lets see if the Deadocrats can keep up the fight. I highly doubt it. This fight is going to have to be carried out by the people. And the people dont have a clue. WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!