Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Yes folks, thats right. Sean Hannity is the cum dumpster for the Rethuglican party. How does he keep his hair so perfectly formed and cupping his head so perfectly? Why by soaking it in splooge and letting it dry, that's how! A better mousse has yet to be discovered. Whenever I hear that painfully pathetic radio show of his with the bad song in the beginning ("Let Freedom Ring...") I just picture Good ole Sean laying naked on his back on a rotating mattress while Bu$h, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, Libby and every other worthless Republican whose ass he so blatantly gives a rimjob, jerks their load all over him. He's a gleaming mess of Pearl Jam by the end of every session. Then one of them delivers him a good ass fucking and it's off to tape his show! What a tool. Is that why your skin appears so smooth and well preserved, Hannity?? Is it the protein from all those face shots you've taken over the years? Share your beauty secrets with your fans, Hannity! Come on! You're not embarassed, are you!!!?? Tool.
This afternoon I'm driving home from the park where I had just let my dogs run wild for 2 hours and I made the mistake of turning on his radio show (suck fest). Why I do this to myself, I do not know. The man is a worthless hack and his callers are unintelligent mindless zombies, drooling and shitting all over themselves. Anyway, I'm listening to this bullshit and I'm furious within 2 seconds because he's just SUCH a schill when all of a sudden I hear him compare I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby (Idiot) and his leaking of Valerie Plame's name to the forged papers Dan Rather supposedly discovered showing Bu$h's absenteeism from the National Guard during the 2004 election. I nearly drove off the road!! I'm not going to argue the absuridity of this comparison here because anyone smart enough to read this blog already KNOWS how appalingly repugnant that comparrison is. I just want it known that Hannity's days are numbered. He can't keep geting ass fucked like he is every single day without some sort of problem developing. Eventually he's going to be unable to stand up without shit just running out his well stretched asshole and down his legs. I anxiously await that fateful day. FUCK YOU, HANNITY.