Monday, November 07, 2005

The REAL problem with Libby
I keep torturing myself by listening to Reich-wing radio talk shows. I know I shouldn't do it, I have already given myself a nice case of hypertension. I can't help it, it's the sado-masochist in me. So I listen and I freak out. I turn the dial (or more like it, I smack the preset button on my car stereo) and literally within 5 seconds, I'm a screaming mess. My head, pounding on the steering wheel, leaves an imprinted "Honda" on my forehead from my nifty steering wheel cover (made in Thailand). My mom asks me "why do you listen to that crap? It just makes you mad." My answer??? "I'm monitoring then, mom. I have to keep up with their lies and spin so I can defend myself." She rolls her eyes and goes back to reading the paper.

From my listening masochism, I have learned that according to Limbaugh, Hannity, Medved, Gallagher, Bennett, Hewitt, et al. that Valerie Plame "wasn't a covert CIA agent" and that "everyone in Washington knew this." This is the mantra coming from the Reich-wing. "If she wasn't covert, he (Libby) cannot be in trouble for lying about the outing of a CIA agent and therefore the charges against him are false and hold no water." And the callers (ah....those hyper-intelligent callers to Reich-wing radio stations) all agree....this is all political, it's revenge against Bu$h cuz the LEFTISTS don't like him, this case won't go anywhere, Libby didn't do anything wrong, and my favorite, being repeated by G.Gordon Liddy (why isn't he in jail? Didn't he commit FELONY breaking and entry?? He did? I thought so) that Joe Wilson gleefully announced one night at a party "this is my CIA agent wife!!" to everyone within shouting distance. He then did somersaults, shit his pants and left. I'm sure.

Let me start this paragraph with a little message to my Reich-wing friends (of which I have NONE) are TOTALLY missing the point of the entire investigation and the reasons why we NORMAL people, we REAL AMERICANS, are so fucking pissed off. The issue has nothing to do with whether or not Plame was covert. The issue that's so vulgar is that THIS ADMINI$TRATION INTENTIONALLY OUTED THIS WOMAN AS REVENGE FOR HER HUSBAND DISCOVERING, AND DARING TO SPEAK ABOUT, THE FALSE INFORMATION BEING RELEASED TO THE GULLIBLE AMERICAN PUBLIC IN ORDER TO JUSTIFY THEIR CASE FOR WAR AGAINST A COUNTRY THAT NEVER ATTACKED US AND POSED NO THREAT TO US. That OUR government is SO CORRUPT that they would have the HUBRIS, the GALL, to take revenge on a man who DARED to disagree with them. If they would do THIS, what else would they do?? What a group of infantile fucking fools. They lied about weapons of mass destruction, they knew their "source" of information telling you that Iraq was training Al-Qaida terrorists in the use of chemical and biological weapons was a LIAR, Joe Wilson discovered that their supposed "documents" that "proved" Iraq had purchased yellow cake (uranium) from Niger......were FUCKING FORGERIES!!!!! YOU FUCKING MADE THAT SHIT UP YOURSELVES AND THEN SOLD IT TO "US" (NOT .......ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) to scare the SHIT outta the American populace with the threat of a "nuclear cloud" hanging over the entire North American continent. This government is the lowest of the fucking low. The weapons inspectors TOLD them Iraq had no WMD's. You ignored them. You had been planning this ridiculous invasion sine 1999!!!!! And goddamnit, NOTHING was gonna get in YOUR way, oh no, NOTHING. Not some asshole former Ambassador who discovered the truth, fuck em! Not the weapons inspectors, fuck them too!! Not the vehement cries from the rest of the world prior to this insane invasion. Not Hussein himself who told you he had no WMD's, fuck him, dirty Muslim!! RIGHT!!!!!??????
I don't give a shit if Libby lied or not. I don't care who he blames for leaking the knowledge to him. I don't care that he cant "remember" where he got the information. This is NOT THE POINT. And the REAL point is being totally ignored. The Reich has spun this so their mindnumb asshole followers (read SHEEP) CAN'T focus on the truth. They're all up in arms about who lied to who and who told who what. Who the fuck cares!!!! What you fucking animals SHOULD care about is that this government, elected FOR the people, BY the people, effectively told us to go fuck ourselves, they were taking us to war whether we agreed with them or not. Who were we to have any say anyway? And every single member of Congress$$ except ONE followed them lock-step. They didn't question, they didn't argue. They were good Germans. They just went along like the good little house Negroes they are, "yessa massa" all the way through the house. Pathetic. Fucking pathetic.
Bu$hCo. was out to make money for the oil companies, which he and the Demon Cheney and many others in the admini$tration owned lagre quantities of stock in, whose families had been involved with for YEARS and who effectively PAID to have this group of criminals installed in our government. Bu$hCo. doesn't look out for OUR best interest, hell no. Actually, they hate us. WE are in THEIR way. They shouldn't have to pay us a fair wage, that's money Exxon/Mobil should be getting. They shouldn't have to help the poor, that's money that could be going to the oil companies! Money for college? Fuck that! Halliburton needs ANOTHER fifty bazillion dollars.
They are fucking us over. You and I. Deadocrat and Rethuglican alike. We are simply pawns in their game.
Since 1999 Bu$hCo. has been planning this monetary windfall for their oil company ass partners. Before the invasion, they held a closed door meeting where representatives from all the oil companies were present and Iraq was divided up into sections, with each company getting their specific section and role. Nice. But this occupation wasn't about oil. Right?? You idiot. You have been lied to. What will it take for you to wake up and see the disaster in which we are pathetically wallowing? I'm starting to think never. This Libby case should be a wakeup call for us all. The House won't allow an independent investigation of the facts leading up to the war. Of course not, why should they? They don't want you to know. They want you to continue blindly repeating that we're in Iraq for the cause of democracy; because Hussein was a mass murderer; because there were WMD's just waiting to be dropped on you and I; because they were trainig Al-Qaida; becasue they were funding terrorists; blah blah blah blah, etc etc etc etc. We are in Iraq for two reasons and two reasons only........OIL and the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR.