Thursday, November 10, 2005

Pat Robertson is an.......


The epitome of a self righteous, phony Christo-fascist. What a fucking douche. Everytime Robertson opens his mouth, shit just falls right out. It's amazing.....his breath must smell like a rotten cadaver with all that shit stuffed up into his sinuses and stuck in his molars. And the gall of Faux News to treat this cloven hoofed demon as a legitimate commentator.. He is as legitimate as a David Duke or a Louis Farrakhan. Robertson is a racist, a homophobe (remember what I said about THEM earlier!), a demagogue, a hypocrite and a phony christian. Simply put.....Robertson's full of shit. Oh how I wish my little blog had been around when this self sanctified prick had called for the assassination of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. And then DENIED he had said it!! Ahhhh yes.....a true member of the Bu$h Crime family. And who the fuck is watching The 700 Club??? What kind of a closeted psychopath sits around and watches this man pray for other people to die (members of the Supreme Court so Bu$h could get more appointees), calls for the assassination of leaders of another country, extorts money from these pathetic social exiles and TODAY....he tells the people of Dover Pa. "not to ask God for help when you need it" because they voted off the school board those religious stoneagers who wanted to teach creationism in their science classes.

Science??? I think not. Maybe in a "Myths and Legends" class or a "Fairytales" class or whatever...but creationism, which denies the existence of the dinosaurs (of which we have proof), says the universe is only 10,000 years old (yet...we have found bones that test MUCH older than this) and denies the theory of evolution (sorry you self righteous christian came from a lowly ape. A hairy, chest beating beast) is NOT science and does NOT belong in a science class. If you wish to teach it in a religion class, fine. If you wish to brainwash your poor, mentally defenseless child with these psychotic beliefs, that's on you. Science is to be reserved for science. Are we going to start teaching about the 'Old Woman Who Lives in the Shoe' in biology classes? How about 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves'?? Unless, of course, you live in Kansas.

I really wish these fucking christians would leave the rest of us A-LONE. I don't want to hear your crazy beliefs, I don't want it shoved down my throat. You have freedom OF religion in this country, don't I deserve freedom FROM religion? These Christo-fascists, whose lives revolve COMPLETELY around the bible (B.O.R.I.N.G), apparently have so LITTLE going on in their own lives aside from the bible, church and the complete ruination of their children , find it necessary to attempt to control the lives of the rest of us. WE cant have abortion cuz THEY don't want you too. We can't have a cervical cancer vaccine cuz THEY don't want you too. WE can't purchase certain books, music or dolls cuz THEY are somehow offended by them and start letter writing campaigns that result in these spineless corporations pulling said product from the shelves. WE cant get birthcontrol cuz THEY don't approve of it. And WE can't get ourselves an uncorrupted, semi-sane government cuz THEY don't want us to have one.

Christianity is ruining this country. It's systematic takeover of this government has resulted in the most corrupt government in the history of this United States. More than ever before, our rights are being ripped from our grasp, stomped on and shit upon by these christian zealots. We are slowly but surely becoming a christian theocracy. And how we scream and yell about countries that are islamist! How violent and degrading towards women they are!! Newsflash...THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MUSLIM FUNDAMENTALISTS AND CHRISTO-FASCISTS. If you don't think these anti-homosexual groups would LOVE to behead some hapless gay man, you are not only sadly mistaken, but completely out of touch with reality. If you don't think these anti-abortion terrorists wouldn't blow up an abortion clinic or shoot a doctor who practices abortions ......oh wait, they already HAVE done this. My bad! The ONLY difference between muslim fundamentalists and christo-fascists is the little book of fallacies on which they base their psychotic views. How long until a maniac like Pat Robertson is elected President of the United States?? No wait, we already have. Bu$h is AS CRAZED as Robertson. He's a christo-fascist who is eagerly awaiting the end of the world so he can be raptured to heaven. He will do everything in his power to speed up the events he believes will lead to this rapture. Nuclear war is in our future. God save the queen.