Thursday, November 17, 2005

Iman Al-Hams. Shot dead, no let me change that......sprayed with the ENTIRE CLIP from an M15 machine rifle until she died. Murdered. By an Israeli soldier. This soldier, simply known in court documents and in the media by the moniker "Captain R" was found NOT GUILTY (NOT......FUCKING.......GUILTY) on all charges this week stemming from this "incident." Oh I know, you're sitting there at home saying "it was probably an accident, you're just an anti-Semite" or "She shouldn't have been throwing rock at those tanks" or, even better "Well if her people hadn't been blowing up innocent Israelis she wouldn't have died" and, the BEST YET..." How many Israeli children have been killed by Palestinian suicide bombers?"
Well, I'm NOT an anti-Semite, she WASN'T throwing ANYTHING at ANYONE. NOBODY in her family were suicide bombers and writing off this young girls MURDER on the basis that "well Israeli children die all the time" is nothing more than a blatant attempt to ignore the issues. This young girl was murdered. And this is EXACTLY why the madness in Israel will go on until the end of time. And the way things are going, the madness in Israel may just bring about the end of time.
Here are the facts of the story. Iman Al-Hams, a slight 13 year old girl, dressed in her school uniform and lugging her bookbag like children all over the world, left her house in the Rafah Refugee camp in the Gaza strip and headed for her school. Unfortunately for her, her travels that day took the 13 year old past an Israeli military outpost. The Israeli Captain on duty at the outpost that fateful morning spotted a "suspicious figure" wandering about 100 yards from their outpost. The soldiers fired their machine rifles into the air, and seconds later a warning call went out over the outposts radio saying "It's a little girl, she is running defensively eastward....a girl of about 10, she behind the embankment, scared to death." Scared to death.....I'd say so. Here is a young girl whose entire life has been immersed in violence. I'm sure she's seen numerous people, both Israeli AND Palestinian killed in the streets. And I'm sure she'd been warned to avoid the military post at all costs. But she's a little girl. And little kids do amazingly dumb stuff sometimes.
Four minutes later, according to radio transmissions, the soldiers OPENED FIRE on the little girl with machine rifles. Iman was shot in the leg and became hysterical. She started to run. A teacher from her school who heard the gunshots, came out to investigate and witnessed the rest of the murder. She told Iman to stop running but Iman, shot and completely hysterical by this time, didn't listen. Captain R then left his outpost, walked to the spot where the LITTLE GIRL LAY and FIRED TWO BULLETS INTO HER HEAD. This madman started to leave when he suddenly swung back around and EMPTIED HIS ENTIRE CLIP INTO HER BODY. Getting back on the radio, Captain R bravely announced "This is the Commander, Whoever dares to move in the area, even if it's a 3-year-old -- you have to kill him. Over." According to autopsy reports, the little girls body was sprayed with at least 20 bullets, seven of which had found their way to her head.
The Israeli military, acting on the outrage from BOTH Palestinians and Israeli alike, eventually charged Captain R with misuse of a firearm, ordering subordinates to lie about the shooting and violation of military regulations. Where is the MURDER CHARGE??!! Damn good question. This was a 13 year old girl. I don't care if she's a Palestinian, an Israeli or a fucking alien from planet X. SHE WAS A LITTLE GIRL. Are Palestinians considered subhuman or NON-human by the Israeli government? Does THEIR murder not justify a murder charge?? Is the punishment the same as if one had run over a dog with their car? What a fucking disgrace. Do you wonder why there is a sense of utter desperation by the Palestinians? Their deaths don't even rate a charge of taking another human life. Like the African Americans during the period of slavery, they are not granted full "human" status like their white brethren were. What a joke. But the joke gets worse.
Captain R was ACQUITTED ON ALL CHARGES by an Israeli military court this week. The Captains attorney had argued that Captain R blasted this girl to pieces because of "suspicion of a penetration of a terrorist." Her bookbag, according to the attorney, was thought to carry a bomb. And apparently the court BOUGHT THIS BULLSHIT and acquitted him. Immediately upon his acquittal, Captain R BURST INTO TEARS (oh, how quaint), turned to the spectators in the courtroom, including the little girls family and screamed at them ""I told you I was innocent!!" How the little girls family kept from tearing this man to pieces in that courtroom is beyond me. I would have killed him. Period.
This is the reason there is a never ending madness in Israel. It is tit for tat. You kill us, we kill you. Who will be killed in retaliation for Iman Al-Hams murder and subsequent acquittal of her killer? Will a family member (like the one pictured above), distraught from the death of their loved one and enraged by the injustice of the acquittal, strap a bomb to themselves and exact their OWN revenge? And then who will the Israelis kill in THEIR retaliation.
Israel is madness. I doubt they even know who they are avenging anymore. Who is dying for whose death? It's all lost in the madness, in all the murders over all the years. Nothing will ever be solved in Israel, it's hopeless. The Palestinians feel the Israelis stole their land and want them gone from the continent. They don't want to live in peace with the Israelis, they want them GONE. The Israelis are convinced they belong on that land and will never give it up. The madness will NEVER end. And our unwavering, unquestioning support of Israel is our number one problem throughtout the world. Eventually, it will lead to a nuclear war.
I hope that for the remainder of his pathetic life, Captain R hears that little girls screams in his dreams and I hope those screams haunt his every waking moment. Does he see the little girl, sprawled on the ground before him, already shot, begging for her life, crying hysterically? Does he see himself emptying his rifles clip into her little body, causing it to jump off the ground from the impact? I hope he is haunted by these sights and sounds for the rest of his life. Actually, I hope he can no longer stand what he has done and he kills himself. Do the world a favor and take your OWN life, Captain R. We could use that extra oxygen for someone with a soul.