Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Is Paris Burning?

"Is Paris burning??!" The shrill voice is Adolf Hitler's. He smashes his fist on the table. "Jodl!" he screams to his chief if staff, "I demand to know! Yes or no? Is Paris burning now?"*

August 25, 1944

Jump forward 61 years. Ask that question again? Hitler was not successful in reducing Paris to ashes, as he so desired on August 25, 1944. Will the Islamic fundamentalists pick up where the Nazi's left off? Will all of France burn? Where is the French military (cough, laugh) to quell these riots that are literally spreading like wildfire through all of France. What if this ignites all of Europe?? Will we then be looking at WWIII?? I certainly hope not. But I bet Bu$hCo. is just salivating for such fate to befall Europe. These scum who refused to assist us in our "noble cause" of defeating a country that neither attacked us nor posed a threat to us. These liberal cowards are getting what they deserve!! And we sit back here in the good ole US of A and we laugh at the misfortunes of the French. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh, my stomach hurts from laughing so hard. Oh, let me wipe away the tears! The SYMPATHETIC AMERICAN. Please.

Did the French laugh at us on 9/11?? Quite the contrary, they declared themselves ALL AMERICANS! They stood by us, they mourned with us, they felt our pain. They offered us assistance in anyway they could. The French assisted our boys back in June of 1944 when they stormed ashore those blood drenched beaches where so many young men left both their innocence and their lives. Not their military, that was impotent, but normal French citizens. People like you and I, regular people, going to work everyday, raising families, tending to their farms. They stood up against the greatest evil this would has ever seen. The French Resistance was a major reason the Normandy Invasion was as successful as it was. They blew up bridges, they destroyed trains and train tracks that could have rushed troops to the front, annihilating our little sea of humanity as it waded ashore, loaded down with backpacks and guns and helmets and the sorrow of seeing their friends torn apart by unfathomable gunfire and shelling. The Resistance killed important Nazi's, dynamited Gestapo headquarters and, MOST importantly, they snuck out vital intelligence needed for the successful invasion of Europe.

The French Resistance was brave beyond imagination. Facing the jack booted, black clothed evil of the Gestapo, they snuck silently through the night, passing coded messages loaded with information necessary for the landings. They hid guns in baby strollers and pushed them, smiling and whistling, passed guard stations and roadblocks. Discovery would have certainly meant torture, unimaginable torture, and death, for both themselves and for the baby, the innocent means of transport. But they did it anyway, praying the Americans would land successfully and release them from the putrid grip of evil.

Did ALL Frenchmen assist the Resistance? Of course not. Would ALL Americans act similarly had WE been invaded by the Nazi death machine. I think not! There are cowards among every population. There are people afraid to die, afraid to leave their families, afraid to stand up, so they adapt. They do what they must to survive. The survival instinct is basic and inbred. We Americans do not hold the market on bravery and sacrifice. We think we do. We talk big, we stick out our chests and exude bravery and formidability . We gather round the bar, dicks in hand, bragging about what WE'D have done had we been in a similar situation. Whom we would have hit, whom we would have killed. We, the general population (not the military, thank you) are untested, self agrandizing fools.

You do not know what you would do in a particular situation until you are you an active participant. Brag all you want from the comfort of your home, from behind the curtain of security we have here in the United States. But when faced with the wickindness, evil and immorality of entities such as the SS or the Gestapo, our actions would be QUITE different. Many of us WOULD curl up and face our subjugation willingly. Many would become turncoats, finding their chances of survival better on the other side. Many would try to ingnore the attrocities going on aruond them, try to make their lives as "normal" as possible. And many WOULD fight.

So let's stop laughing and showing our typical American ignorance towards the French people, and let's supoprt them in this time of need. Just as they supported us on 9/11 and the months following (remember...the French only stopped their support of us when Bu$h wrongly decided to invade Iraq). What is happening in France now must be stopped before all of Europe erupts in rioting and fires. These muslims and their desire to live in the 1st century, separated from the infidels, where women are subjugated and the property of their husbands, where music and drinking and fun is outlawed, where religion RULES your life, must be quashed before this rabid fire of uprise spreads outside the boarders of France. The French people MUST stand up and quell this impending disaster.

America, however, must stay out of it. This is NOT 1944, and the rest of the world does NOT look up to us as their saviors. They are angry with us for our repulsive actions throughout the globe. For this criminal occupation of a country that caused us no harm. They warned us that the invasion of Iraq would spark violence. We ignored them. We flaunted our power in their faces. We are the bullies of this planet. We throw our money and our military around where neither belong. Our focus needs to be here, on this country, on OUR people, NOT on everyone else's country. Unless asked for assistance, we should stay outta other people's business. Seriously. Look where our constant meddling has gotten us. We are hated throughout the world. By us stepping into Europes problem right now, we will only spark more violence and more protests. More deaths. Comment from afar, Bu$h, offer our support in whatever form they deem necessary. But STAY OUT OF IT!!!! Unless we want these muslims to start some unnecessary shit over here, which I certainly don't. My head looks fine, securely attached to my shoulders where it belongs.

Round here we talk just like lions, but we sacrifice like lambs

- Counting Crows

* Excerpt from 'Is Paris Burning?' by Larry Collins and Dominique LaPierre pg. 284