Thursday, November 03, 2005

We got a drug, We're gonna try it out on you.Won't make you die, It'll getcha just a little bit sick.Got a head cold, Got a chest cold And it's three days old(Goin' on forever)Make you hazy, Make you lazy Drive you crazy For days and days and days and days and days And years Barely got the time now To stay on the job. Double up the dosage in your water supply, Make you even sicker 'til you're slippin' away Getting all depressed It's getting all your friends You can't get it up For nothing that'll rock the boat The government flu The government flu The government flu Slip it abroadKeep a-slowin' down the USSR But meanwhile We'll keep an eye On what it's doin' to you - Dead Kennedys
Got your gas masks ready for this flu??? I do. Best prepare thyself. If this governments past response to an emergecny is indicative of their response to a GLOBAL FLU PANDEMIC, then I'd have to say it's "every man, woman, and child for themselves." In other words, we're fucked. Sounds like it's going to be a nightmare if this virus actually does EVOLVE and become contagious between humans. With a mortality rate of nearly 60% I say we're in some for some serious shit. You can purchase yourself this RELIABLE CDC approved surgical/healthcare mask here (I am in no way affiliated with this company, I just know this is where you can buy this SPECIFIC type of surgical mask which is supposed to be the best)