Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Gay Marriage. So what?
I simply do not understand the outrage over gay marriage. So the fuck what?? If two gay people who love each other wanna get married, who the fuck cares? How is this affecting YOU, Christo-fascist?? It ISN'T. This topic, like the ABORTION topic, is simply the desire for the Christo-fascists to exert CONTROL over others. Those of us who DARE to disagree with your ridiculous fairytale (we who are going to hell, by the way) should be subjugated to you almighty, morally correct christ obsessed freaks. Sorry , but life shouldn't work that way.
Give me ONE good reason why homosexuals shouldn't be allowed to marry. ONE. And don't give me "because it's in the Bible that homosexuality is a sin" because I don't CARE what your little book says. I want a REAL reason. JUST ONE!! Because it will lead to people marrying their parakeet? Shut the fuck up. And if someone is wacked out enough to wanna marry their parakeet, go right the fuck ahead. Doesn't affect me in the least bit. Ok, lets try again. Um......Because it will lead to men having 500 wives? Ok, I don't necessarily think men should be allowed to be polygamous, it's emotionally detrimental to all players involved and causes confusion amongst the resulting offspring, but do I REALLY CARE?? No. Will it adversely affect ME?? No. Will it ruin YOUR life? Not unless you are one of the women dumb enough to marry a polygamist.
So try again, fundie. Oh, I know!! It will make a mockery out of marriage? Well, heterosexuals have ALREADY accomplished this. Marriage is a joke. What is the divorce rate in this country?? OVER 50%, I'm sure. Divorce is an accepted practice amongst heterosexuals. For god's sake, some poeple have been married and then subsequently divorced 10 times! And THIS doesn't make a mockery out of marriage?? Sure. NEXT!!! Ok, so how about "gay marriage doesn't lead to the creation of children?" Again.....so the fuck what!!!!!!! How many heterosexuals get married and don't produce children. Should they be forced to divorce?? And since when was the production of a child a requirement for marriage? Is that written in blood somewhere, cuz I do ALOT of reading and I have yet to come across that.
We have so many other REAL problems in this country that we should be focusing on. But you religious mental patients are OBSESSED with homosexuals and abortion, NEITHER of which is going to destroy our country. Fuck! Worry about the poor children who dont have proper clothes, the schools that don't have books, the indiscriminant slaughter of our soldiers in Iraq, the mass murder of innocent Iraqi civilians, the destruction of our environment, the NATIONAL DEBT which will eventully bankrupt us, crime, murder, poverty!!!! For shit sakes....focus your energies on a palpable enemy, on a REAL threat. Just think what you could accomplish is you wacks took on poverty or racism with the same vim and vigor. With the same psychotic passion.
Listen fundies.....if you don't want these horrid homosexuals to marry in your little bigoted brainwashing institution (ie. church, synagogue, mosque), fine. Nowehere is it written that the legal procedure of marriage MUST be performed in a church. Marriage is a legal act and all one needs is for it to be sanctioned by the LAW. Fuck your religious institution. I'm sure no child rapist or murderer or wife beater or serial cheater has EVER been married in your little place of sickness, oops, I mean worship. Right?? You guys check for all that shit too, right? Cuz people like that who get married are also making a mockery outta the institution of marriage. If two people love each other and want to spend the remainder of their lives living together, monogamously, who are YOU to stop them? You don't have to agree with them, or like their lifestyle, but don't discrimmate against them because they were BORN differently than you. Turn your light of inspection inward, Christo-fascists, cuz your home is a stinking foul dirty mess. A den of child molestation, wife beating, DIVORCE and abuse. Work on your OWN family, your OWN institutions, before you start meddling with others. peoples lives. So as my favorite bumperstciker says.......FOCUS ON YOUR OWN DAMN FAMILY