Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The End of Democracy As We Know It
"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything"
- Josef Stalin
Diebold. We may never win another election in this country ever again as long as these machines continue to be used in the United States. They provide no paper trails, they are easily hacked allowing for vote manipulation and the CEO of the company who produces them.......is a major GOP contributor. Typical. Typical of this administration and typical of these neo-con criminals.

Diebold machines were used in Ohio in 2004 and resulted in a declaration of voter fraud by many democrats. The Ohio exit polls showed Kerry winning the race in that state, until thousands of votes were mysteriously "discovered" for Bu$h. Representative John Conyers has just written a book about the theft of the 2004 election. Jimmy Carter stated that the 2000 election was most CERTAINLY stolen and he had his doubt as to the legitimacy of the Ohio results. Numerous other books on this topic are available, all calling into question the validity of the Diebold voting machines.

But I'm not the one to explain all this to you. I found a great article on this exact topic written by a very reputable website, Truthout.org. If you do not already subscribe to this site or read it on a daily basis, I highly suggest you start. These guys must answer to only their fellow Americans.They are not owned by the main stream media therefore there is no pressure on them to hide or skew the truth. They do not cave to the administration and as I said, they ONLY answer to us and to their own conscious. Here is their article this subject: http://www.truthout.org/docs_2005/111405O.shtml

So as you can obviously see, unless something is done about this and done fast....we may never win another election. Every election from here on out could easily be fixed (in an unprovable and untraceable manner). Remember, the rethugs voted DOWN a bill that would have required a papertrail for ALL votes cast in this country. Gee, I wonder why they would do that? Many states have already said they will NOT allow Diebold machines to be used in their elections, whether local OR national. But how easy would it be for this administration to have a law passed stating that Diebold machines will be the ONLY voting machines used in all elections. Think they WON'T do it?? Think they COULDN'T do it?? Think again.

With control of BOTH the House AND the Senate, and the guaranteed inaction of the populace no matter WHAT they do, they can and they WILL do any goddamn thing they want. And that doesn't send chills down your spine? We are at these peoples mercy. We have slept our way into no say whatsoever in our own country. We are just along for the ride.

Will it come down to our elections being supervised by the UN? Like they do for OTHER corrupt countries whose elections are constantly fixed? I will use ALL of Africa and MANY eastern European countries as an example. Have we sunk to that level in this country? Once the bastion of democracy around the would, do we now require OUR elections to be supervised. Yes. But these people would NEVER allow that. NEVER. If we don't act to stop to proliferation of Diebold machines throughout the country, our government will officially be hijacked by the Reich-wing christian fundamentalists for theoretically the rest or ours and our children's childrens lives. The Diebold machines and the potential effect they can/WILL have on the future of this country is one of the most important issues we will face in our lifetimes. Our failure to fight and resist the institution of these machines will have profound effects upon this country that will resonate for CENTURIES to come. FIGHT THIS ONE, PEOPLE. FIGHT!!!!