Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ah yes, Ahmed Chalabi. Found guilty in Jordan on 31 charges of embezzlement, theft, misuse of depositor funds and currency speculation. Subsequently sentenced to 22 years of hard labor, he fled Jordan with $20 million dollars in the trunk of his car. Accused of supplying "sensitive information" regarding the United States occupation of Iraq to.......the IRANIANS!!! Way to go, Ahmed!! Yeah! He peddled false intelligence, such as the claim that Iraq had aluminum tubes that were to be used in centrifuges necessary to build nuclear weapons, to the Bu$h administration before the invasion. With his promises of roses and genuflection upon our arrival, Chalabi "seduced the United States into war."
As head of the Iraqi National Congress (INC) he was paid $350,000 a MONTH by the United States government (read you and me) to provide a rosy outlook regarding the occupation. That was until the offices of the INC were raided by American soldiers who confiscated computers, boxes of documents and cash. Great. Chalabi was Judy Millers (disgraced NY Times reporter) source for all those fraudulent stories she wrote (without verifying their authenticity) leading up to the Iraqi occupation. Millers unsubstantiated stories, which ran on the front page of the Times (one of, if not THE, most respected papers in this country), were one of the main reasons Americans eagerly accepted Bu$h's claims that Iraq was an imminent threat and a nuclear explosion in this country was inevitable if action wasn't IMMEDIATELY undertaken.
Chalabi has been a longtime collaborator of the CIA and is quite cozy with Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and especially Paul Wolfowitz. And TODAY, he is scheduled to meet at the White House with Cheney and Rumsfeld in a closed door meeting where no reporters or photographers will be allowed. Why is this man still involved with our government? He gave AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE to our sworn enemies, the Iranians!! He provided us with FALSE INTELLIGENCE in the hopes of leading us into an unnecessary "war." He is a WANTED CRIMINAL in Jordan! We should be shipping his ass back to Jordan to face charges and serve his time. INSTEAD......we protect him. We shield him from prosecution. We PAY HIM. Chalabi is a confidant of this admini$tration, invited into the White House to hold secret meetings. What could they POSSIBLY be discussing with this man? Earlier in the week, he had sitdowns with Condoleeza Rice, Stephen Hadley, John Snow and senior figures in Congress. The inclusion of this man in ANY aspect of our government is a joke and is further evidence of the corruption that is eating away at this admini$tration.
It is apparent that Chalabi hopes to be APPOINTED Prime Minister of Iraq. Appointed you say? Aren't the Iraqi's holding elections now? Aren't they working on becoming a democracy? Don't you remember all those photos of women with the purple stained fingers? BULLSHIT. Sure, they may have voted, but if you believe those elections are legitimate, you're a bigger fool than I thought you were. If you think for a second, for a milisecond, that the Iraqi government is anything more than a puppet government, selected and "appointed" by the Bu$h adminstration, you really are brainwashed. Chalabi is a criminal, a liar and a thief. Sound like anyone ELSE we know?