Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Cat Torturer and the Necromantic

It's always good to see that assholes stick together. I mean, who else could stand your putrid stench besides another asshole? Tuesday, Bill Frist (R. Tennessee) threw a huge fit and said he felt "slapped in the face" because Harry Reid finally came in possession of his own testicles and brought Frist's house temporarily crashing down. Poor, poor Bill. The stress of this SEC investigation must be getting to him. Are you nervous there, boy???? Huh?? Afraid you may be spending a little time in the big house as a result of your insider trading? I know you're used to being the goddamn MAN in your "big House" but trust me, you'll be quite comfortable in prison, the same amount of cock sucking goes on.

So Frist is all up in arms that he was so horribly attacked by Reid. Democrats had "hijacked" the Senate, according to Frist. He took the "attack" as an affront to him personally and went on to say "This is an affront to our leadership. It is an affront to the United States of America, and it is wrong." Really. Really??? An affront to the United States of America?? I don't think so, Bill. I think the RETHUGLICAN hijacking of this entire government for the past FIVE YEARS is an affront to the United States. I think your relentless, unending attacks on the poor while reaping HUGE amounts of money to the oil companies is an affront to the United States. I think LYING to the people about the reasons for your bullshit war is an affront to the United States. I think promulgating said LIES and participating in a COVER-UP is an affront to the United States!!!!! I think the unnecessary DEATHS of 2,000 + American soldiers is a fucking AFFRONT TO THE UNITED STATES!!!!!!!!!!!!! The torture of prisoners, well they're not even considered prisoners by you, are they Bill. We don't TORTURE our prisoners. So let me change it up to fit YOUR jargon.....the torture of RANDOM, NON-CHARGED MUSLIM MEN AND WOMEN IS A FUCKING AFFRONT TO THE UNITED STATES.

So who's standing next to his butt buddy?? Why gold ole' Rick Santorum (R. Pennsylvania), Christo-fascist, homo-phobe, necromantic. Don't know what I mean by necromantic?? Why lover of the dead, of course. How else would you explain bringing a DEAD BABY HOME WITH YOU, making your other children PLAY WITH IT, then sleeping in bed with it that night before burying it?? And I have heard numerous reports that on his desk in DC is a color picture of this DEAD BABY. Now grief is one thing, but FORCING children to play with a dead corpse is fucking foul. Period. You don't bring a dead baby home and "hang out with it." You just don't. And posting a picture of a dead corpse for all to see is not right either. Post a picture of your balls Rick, frame that. This man will NOT win a seat again in Pennsylvania. I'm calling that one now. Oh, and don't believe the story about Ricky's necromantic behavior?? Then read here:

Pennsylvanians have awoken to Santorum's bigoted, Christo-fascist insanity. Notice how he's slowly trying to distance himself from Bu$h and his policies??? Yep, but it's not gonna work, Rick. You're a fucking sick bastard. A racist, a bigot, an evangelical born again idiot and a homophobe. My feelings on those who are vehemently anti-homosexual is that they are almost CERTAINLY homosexuals themselves. They are simply unable to deal with their thoughts and desires and they go completely off the deep end in the other direction. All these guys...Dobson, that asshole from Repent America, that other asshole from God hates Fags....I can almost guarantee you that they wanna bone another dude. Live with it were BORN that way.

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